Beaver, Utah Speed Traps

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within 75 miles of beaver.

Beaver, UtahSep 07, 20100 Comments

Patrol cars are almost always located on or at the bottom of downhill slopes of I-15. That way, even if you have your speed control set, your car will pick up speed coming down the incline and they will be waiting further on down the slope. I travel I-15 alot and have noticed this as a trend.

Interstate 15, both North and Southbound

Beaver, UtahJul 03, 20100 Comments

On both sides of Beaver, UT on the interstate, the county sheriff’s deputies are working this section regularly and consistently for speeding ticket revenues. In Utah, a system of "justice courts" allows for significant income for the counties, especially when out-of-area motorists will pay the fine uncontested.

Southbound I-15

Beaver, UtahApr 08, 20100 Comments

Just as you come off the beaver pass and before you can see distance the Sheriff or Highway Patrol is sitting in the middle and your toast by the time you see him or her. I travel I-15 often and have seen this often.

I-15 Beaver county

Beaver, UtahApr 05, 20100 Comments

The county sheriff’s department likes to write tickets and collect fines along this stretch. I am from out-of-state and was driving thru in a new car with the cruise control set to 75. I hadn’t passed anyone recently and there were no other cars in sight when I was pulled over by a very polite sheriff’s deputy and told I’d been clocked at over 90 mph. He said he’d give me a break and only write me up for 88 to make it a lesser offense. Afterwards I checked my speedometer against highway mile markers and found it to be accurate. When I got home and called the court to protest, I was told I’d have to return to Utah to contest it or I could pay extra to have it kept off my driving record. I really feel that they lay in wait for a single, out-of-state car to pass then stop it and claim it’s speeding just to collect money since it’s almost impossible to contest it.

I-15 Beaver County (Beaver City)

Beaver, UtahMar 24, 20100 Comments

The entire I-15 through Beaver County, which includes the city of Beaver, is worked by both the Beaver County Sheriff and Utah Highway Patrol….when you see the sign for Beaver County set your cruise at 75 m.p.h. – Radar is worked at both passes that descend into the city area north or south bound. The county sheriff is generally set up in the median strip between both directions of traffic. I’m sure this is why that little community has the most modern sheriffs department building with oversided stainless steel lettering proclaiming BCSO of ANY city along the I-15 corridor. You can see the offices from the I-15….

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