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Refugio, TexasMay 20, 20102 Comments

Refugio is a small town just north east of Corpus Christi. The town is slowly dying the only real money it gets for its police force is through it speeding tickets. They will write a ticket for as little as five miles over the speed limit, but they also do have a love for adding miles to your speed to push it to at least 11. I mean who is going to argue with a police officer? Just 1 – 10 miles over the limit is $161 bucks if they can get you at 11 to 15 it is $181 bucks plus court cost. Just go five miles below the limit and you should be fine. They know people have not much of a choice but to drive through there and they love the out of towners because no one wants to go there if they had a choice. It is a small town where all the locals know each other. You will not get a fair trail when you go to court. They just want the money and you to just pay and get out. If you look at all their fines the cheapest one is $141. so you can tell it is all about money.

It's always the cop's fault when people are caught speeding. When are people going to start blaming their cars? I wasn't speeding, my car was, I was just sitting here in the drivers seat minding my own business.
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It is also the cop's fault that he allows a jurisdiction use him as an ATM for out of state drivers, and then gives them the "Cop Look" when they question him. Speed traps are speed traps, no matter who you are, and making fun of people who are charged ridiculous amounts for something that should simply be a civil fine is crazy. Go get a real job, where you are actually doing "Protect and Serve" instead of "Stop and Ticket". Either get a job with a real cop shop that actually fights crime, or become a Firefighter. The world needs more real cops, not highwaymen with a badge. Jesse James got killed for this sort of thing. Cops, however, just get promoted, and they rob more than James did in his whole life every year. And we are supposed to respect and admire people who put pain and theft on us? Um... why?
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