Refugio, Texas Speed Traps

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Highway 77 while entering Refugio

Refugio, TexasJun 06, 20131 Comments

There is a school zone off the main thoroughfare entering town (Hwy 77) and this sign is without posted times (it just blinks when active). This sign is malfunctioning and wasn’t blinking at the time of the citation. Apparently, it is a common occurence for “out of towners” to receive violations in this short stretch.

I was lucky and had video that showed the sign was malfunctioning and yet the one 4 blocks down and on the side-street was working. The ticket was dismissed, so I advise everyone to provide the courts as much information as possible. The area is definitely a speed trap, but it’s your responsibility to prove to the courts you were not at fault. If you just take defensive driving or pay the fine without a rebuttal, you can’t complain…

Woodsboro, Texas

Refugio, TexasSep 24, 20111 Comments

Woodsboro is located five miles south of Refugio, Texas on Hwy 77 South. Whereas the speed limit is raised to 70 mph as soon as you leave Refugio, just 5 miles down the road, drivers are forced to drastically reduce their speed to 55 miles per hour, for a mere distance of less than a mile (Woodsboro area). The town of Woodsboro is nestled far from Hwy 77 and therefore it is obvious that their citizens are not in any danger of fast-travelling traffic; there is no logical reason to force drivers to slow down to 55 mph. This situation does not occur again for 150 miles, where there is a stretch of highway, without notable population or businesses, but drivers are forced to slow down anyway. Also, there are only about 4-5 legitimate businesses on this small stretch of highway; one could understand the need for a reduction in speed if there were enough businesses/people along the highway to merit a change in speed allowance. There is no logical reason for the citizens of Woodsboro, Texas to be allowed to conduct such obvious traffic gouging activity; this tiny town is a speed trap.

Whole town

Refugio, TexasFeb 24, 20110 Comments

The police hide out everywhere. I have never been through the town once, without having my Radar Detector go off. Police go as far as painting a white line where the 20MPH for school starts and stops. I would advise all that go through here to never stop at any business and give this town any money. Hopefully, my state senator will introdue a Bill to bypass this town on 77.

Whole town

Refugio, TexasJul 21, 20101 Comments

I live here and am disgusted by who gets tickets and who doesn’t!!! Trucks come through here and run red lights, speed, use engine brakes (signs tell them that it’s illegal to do so BTW), change lanes, etc. but get by with it. A senior citizen on winter break comes through and it’s quick pickings. The school zone lights are on the sides of the road and can easily be blocked by trucks or vans that you are traveling alongside so that they are totally missed. I have mentioned that the school zone signs need to be the type like they use at the fire department (hanging out over the center of the lanes both ways like a stop light) only to be told in no uncertain terms that our lights are legal. Wish the city was as interested in the welfare of students in the school zones as they are in adding to the city coffers. Most people when they find out that you live in Refugio they say " Oh yeah, I got a ticket(s) there when I came through. Not the type reputation I’d like to see our town have. BTW, after you leave the last stop light on the North end of town, you don’t have to stop until you reach the Atlantic Ocean if it’s any consequence to anyone.

The whole town

Refugio, TexasMay 20, 20102 Comments

Refugio is a small town just north east of Corpus Christi. The town is slowly dying the only real money it gets for its police force is through it speeding tickets. They will write a ticket for as little as five miles over the speed limit, but they also do have a love for adding miles to your speed to push it to at least 11. I mean who is going to argue with a police officer? Just 1 – 10 miles over the limit is $161 bucks if they can get you at 11 to 15 it is $181 bucks plus court cost. Just go five miles below the limit and you should be fine. They know people have not much of a choice but to drive through there and they love the out of towners because no one wants to go there if they had a choice. It is a small town where all the locals know each other. You will not get a fair trail when you go to court. They just want the money and you to just pay and get out. If you look at all their fines the cheapest one is $141. so you can tell it is all about money.

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