Traveling east on 111th St., just west of Mingo

Bixby, OklahomaJan 01, 20011 Comments

The speed coming west between Garnett and Mingo is 50 mph. Right after you cross the intersection you hit Bixby city limits and a drop in speed limit. However, the sign is hidden by a few trees.

There are a number of favorite speed traps in Bixby but the PD says they don't ticket below 10 mph. What they won't tell you is that many of the speed limits are already 10 mph too slow. Recently, 121st between MIngo and Memorial was lowered from 50 mph to 40 mph and 131st between Memorial and Sheridan was lowered from 40 to 35 mph at the request of the police chief. The city council is all to glad to abide by his wishes. Win, win for the city..lose, lose for the drivers, again. So the idea that they don't write below 10 mph runs pretty hollow. BIxby PD is a typical small town Oklahoma PD. Crime is very low so running traps keeps the cops busy and earns the city extra revenue...that's what it boils down too. Until we as drivers and citizens start firing these city council members who support this nothing will change. Most citizens would never become involved with law enforcement if it wasn't for traffic stops ...and tickets.
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