Traveling west towards Carrollton

Whitesburg, GeorgiaOct 01, 20011 Comments

This place is absolutle insane. Its a 2 lane raod and the speed goes from 55-60 (im not sure. Immeaditly after you cross the bridge that goes over the Chatahoochee the speed drops to 45. On your left is a Gas Station where the cops sit. The station is closed and all the lights are off making it impossible to see the cars. The second you pass that the speed drops again to 35. All these speed changes happen within about 150 feet. You eventually come to a roundabout. The reason this is there is because it you are going 55 mph it would take you 1 min to pass through the city so the roundabout makes the cars slow down. Once you pass under the bridge you are usually in the clear. (On a personal note: I got caught in this trap when I was heading back to UWG, I had to go to court (which is a trailer in the back of the police station and No im not kidding) They dont listen to excuses at all and be prepaired to see the officer that pulled you over because I believe that the police force is made up of 5 or so officers.)

I think you abiltiy to measure distance is off a bit. There is no way all those speeds change in 150 feet. On the issue of the patrol car not being seen when sitting in the dark in the parking lot I have to agree that the evidence obtained if the patrol car is sitting there totally dark, ie no parking lights on, headlights etc, could be challenged. And if it is a judge who would read the laws below and apply them I think a conviction could not be had. Here is the law as it relates to stationary radar use in Georgia. § 40-14-7. Visibility of vehicle from which device is operated No stationary speed detection device shall be employed by county, municipal, college, or university law enforcement officers where the vehicle from which the device is operated is obstructed from the view of approaching motorists or is otherwise not visible for a distance of at least 500 feet. Now let's look at what the law says in the State of Georgia as it relates to your headlights. § 40-8-30. Standards for multiple-beam road lighting equipment Except as hereinafter provided in this part, the headlights or the auxiliary driving light or the auxiliary passing light or combination thereof on motor vehicles other than motorcycles or motor driven cycles shall be so arranged that the driver may select at will between distributions of light projected to different elevations, and such lights may, in addition, be so arranged that such selection can be made automatically, subject to the following limitations: (1) There shall be an uppermost distribution of light, or composite beam, so aimed and of such intensity as to reveal persons and vehicles at a distance of at least 350 feet ahead for all conditions of loading; (2) There shall be a lowermost distribution of light, or composite beam, so aimed and of sufficient intensity to reveal persons and vehicles at a distance of at least 100 feet ahead; and on a straight level road under any condition of loading none of the high intensity portion of the beam shall be directed to strike the eyes of an approaching driver; (3) Every new motor vehicle other than a motorcycle or a motor driven cycle registered in this state which has multiple-beam road lighting equipment shall be equipped with a beam indicator which shall be lighted whenever the uppermost distribution of light from the headlights is in use and shall not otherwise be lighted. Such indicator shall be so designed and located that when lighted it will be readily visible without glare to the driver of the vehicle so equipped. So if your low beams have to reveal a person or vehicle @ 100 feet and your high beams have to reveal a person or vehicle @ 350 feet then how is the darked out patrol car visible for the 500 feet required by law?? Playing the devils advocate if the officer argued the car was not "obstructed", ie not behind a billboard etc I would argue right back that it was not "visible" as my "legal headlights" did not make the patrol car visible. As far as the roundabout goes the Georgia Department of Transportation put that in to actually make traffic keep moving. It used to be a four way stop. As to the officer being present in court. You mean that surprises you?? Departmental policy at most all law enforcement agencies at all levels requires the arresting officer to be there or face disciplinary action or even being held in contempt of court.
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