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Cottondale, FloridaSep 11, 20120 Comments

This weekend I was traveling home to Virginia from Panama City, FL. I had to go through Cottondale to get to 85 North. I had been traveling with the same group of cars for the last half hour. We came into the town together, I stayed behind them the whole time and never passed anyone and then we left the town together. The entire time we went 40 mph all together and never above. When leaving the town, I look up to see I have cop lights in my rear view mirror and I’m being pulled over.

I never sped the entire time, I was with the same group of cars when we entered the town and the same group when we left, still in the same position which was in the back of the pack.
Officer O___ comes up to my car and asks for license and registration and NEVER asks "Sir, do you understand why I am pulling you over today?"
So I hand him my license and registration and as he starts to walk back to his patrol car as he mumbles to me that he caught me going 53 in the 35 and he doesn’t offer me any explanation of where he clocked me. We are in the 65mph zone at this point.
When he returns, he stops at the back of my car and bends forward and reaches out from as far away as possible to hand the ticket to me and tells me if I have any questions to call the number on the ticket. At this time, I had questions for him and I told him this and that I would like to discuss this with him as I know I never sped. The officer responds (as he is walking to his car with his back to me) by once again telling me to call the number on the ticket.
This is SO BLATANLY WRONG AND OFFICER O___ IS A CROOKED COP!!!!! There are at least 3 message boards with complaints on just him and what he is doing. I have not had a speeding ticket in 10 years, and for this prick to abuse his power the way he is doing and taking advantage of people out of town is JUST WRONG AND UNMORAL.

I never went over 40mph and he gave me a ticket saying I went 53 in the 35, and he pulled me over in the 65mph zone!!!
If you do your research, you will find multiple message boards about Officer O___. He is a bad person and what he is doing will come back around to him! Karma baby!!!

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