US 257 at Ridgetop City limit

Ridgetop, TennesseeJan 01, 20012 Comments

When heading East on 257, speed limit drops from 45 to 30 at city limit. Local police will be sitting in private drive, behind a large row of hedges, just after you top a small rise. Ridgetop’s ticket count is 4 to 1 versus surrounding cities. Entire town is posted at 20 and 30 mph. Also, Woodruff Avenue, heading down the hill before lake.

The 4 to 1 ratio is not accurate. We write fewer tickets than any of the surrounding cities. The speeds in Ridgetop go from 20mph on small side roads up to 45mph on Hwy 41S going North. All speed limits are posted in plain site. Speeders are only written for 10 or more over the speed limit. If this is a speed trap then I hope you have speed traps where your children play. The person who posted the above description posted it in 2001. Things have changed drastically since then.
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I've been driving in this area since the mid 1990s. The 4 to 1 ratio is very believable to me. I have never even been pulled over in Greenbrier or Springfield. Yet I've gotten 3 speeding tickets all from Ridgetop on 257 and 41, unaware I was speeding. They were not protecting little children or fighting crime. They are just waiting for unsuspecting tax payers to drive 40mph through their town. Years ago, I did some construction work for their police station, while there I over heard the police chief laughing win another officer that he had just got a young mom driving 45mph in a minivan entering town. They were all laughing. My partner and I just looked at each other like, "can you believe these guys?"
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