US 301 & CR 18

Starke, FloridaAug 30, 20106 Comments

Speed limit is 65 mph on this section of US 301- then changes with no warning to 55 mph for only 2/10 of a mile around this intersection (0.1 mile on each side of the traffic light). If you have the green light on 301 (and most people do), and you miss the single sign saying 55 mph, you have a ticket. It is clearly meant to generate income for the city of Starke, though it should be illegal to have a speed limit change for only 0.2 of a mile. You are driving along at 65mph thinking you are doing the right thing … police seem to love catching law-abiding citizens making a 10 second mistake.

There is not a speed trap in Starke. I go through there every day, I do the 30 mile an hour speed limit and people fly pass me. On several occasions, people will fly pass me and there would be an officer sitting in the parking lot and go after them at all. Semis are really bad about going over the speed limit. So no Starke is not a speed trap.
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Yes, this is definitely a speed trap! I was recently stopped and ticketed on this exact stretch of road, US 301/CR 18. I was traveling from Jacksonville to Gainseville. The trip down there included this stretch of road. The speed limit was 65mph, then apparently changed, without notice to 55mph. Apparently, there was a sign that I must have missed. It is exactly like the original posting about this. You only have about 2/10 of a mile to slow down. The cop must have been waiting like a wolf for prey to catch me or anyone else "speeding." 65mph is hardly excessive for any highway, and no one should be stopped and fined for this speed. If you have to travel through this stretch of highway, try to find an alternate route. Do not give Starke, FL your money. They should find other ways to get revenue, besides petty traffic violations, which cost outrageous fines. The other posted comment must be mistaken, as he/she refers to a "30 mph" zone, when the original posting is discussing the 65/55mph area of the highway.
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Whoop se daisey, we are not talking apples to apples. FL 301 and CR 18 is at Hampton FL not Starke FL. Hampton is a funny little town on CR 18 that is 1.5 miles of FL 301. The City Limits are 1 x 1 mile but an extension was made by the City Father to lengthen the city limit along CR18 to include the intersection of FL 301. If you go to Google and find the posted speed is 65 not 55. However two radar cars are on the Southeast intersection all day every day and are using laser to enforce a 55 zone.
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I was driving south on US 301 at 65 m/h. Saw the posted 55 m/h sign. Slowed down to 55 m/h. Passed the intersection on green light. Then accelerated to 66 m/h less than 1/10 mile before the posted 65m/h sign. Got a ticket for driving 66 over 55 about 1/5 south of the posted 65 m/h sign. This is definitely a trap. I have been driving on 301 for 8 years without a ticket - I always try to drive on limit or to stay less than 5 over the limit.
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This community of 400 people is clearly abusing the driving speed law system in the United States to earn income for their town. Someone has a billboard constructed at the edge of town warning all drivers on US301 that it is a speed trap. I read the sign. I was driving along knowing I was approaching a speed trap, driving very carefully just pacing myself with the traffic, they popped me with laser saying I was going 67 in a 55. This is a good reason for all motorists going to south Florida to avoid the town of Starke, Florida. They have a Policeman who does nothing all day but write speeding tickets. William
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This is definitely a speed trap I got caught. Missed the 55 sign because I was dodging a person on a cell phone who almost hit me twice. I got the ticket 10 over right at the 65 MPH sign. Officer told me the intersection dropped to 55. I thought they had to give you 1/4 mile notice of change of speed.
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