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Lawtey, FloridaApr 24, 20104 Comments

All the folks who say this is a speedtrap town are correct. have been driving thru here on average 3x per week for 30 years. I can count the times on one hand when someone isn’t pulled over. I wouldn’t spend a penny in this town if they were selling dollars for a quarter. Waldo is no better.

Lawtey is not a speed trap. You have plenty of time to slow to the posted speed limits. If your speeding this area you will get pulled over and you may or may not be issued a citation. What do you really think a speed trap is? it is not Lawtey!!! US 301 unfortunately runs thru Lawtey and is monitored by the City Police. Don't speed! I travel thru Lawtey, Waldo, Starke and Hampton daily and I have never received a ticket in 17 years. Obey the traffic laws...
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I also travel US301. I have never seen anyone pulled over that wasn't over the speed limit. I have never been able to figure out why a town is a speed trap if you have plenty of time to slow down to the next posted speed limit sigh. If you don't have enough sense to match the speed limit signs to what is on your speedometer you don't have enough to have a drivers liscense.
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Don't know about these other posters, but this is definitely a speed trap. I know first hand. Just look at all the other comments and voting. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a's probably a duck.
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I've never had trouble passing through these towns on US 301 and I obey the speed limit signs as well. But yes, I have long heard about Lawtey from my grandparents even (and they never had trouble there). I'm willing to bet the first two person's are either part of the Lawtey PD or live in Lawtey itself. Amtrak does not run on the CSX rail line through this town anymore, but I bet the town would have loved to have cited them running 79mph (timetable speed on the line) on that track when they did (i've had the privilege to ride that train a few times in the past as Lawtey, FL blurred by)......even though railroads set their own track speeds, the town I am sure cringed wishing they could figure out a way profit off of that too. Small town police forces......I wonder how the officers could handle places like New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago?
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