Lawtey, Florida Speed Traps

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S/r 200 and lake st

Lawtey, FloridaApr 14, 20160 Comments

School zone flashing lights not visible

718 feet north of adams st on highway 301 lawtey , florida

Lawtey, FloridaSep 08, 20150 Comments

I have radar $600 unit for safety reasons, yet a officer pulled me over said he got me in radar. I asked if he was sure since I have a $600 escort radar system that tells me my speed if radar should hit it. It did not go off so I questioned his radar. Then he said he had it on video. ?? I found it strange, But stranger yet he said i was going 60 in a 45. I told him I did not see the reduced speed sign to 45 and last sign I seen was 55 with my speed control set on 55 and that was how fast I was going. I told him no way could I have been doing right on the button 60 when I had my car was set to automatic 55 speed control. I asked him maybe he pulled over the wrong car since the most I was going was 55 in a 45. He told me I must have a faulty speed control in my car. My car is 2 years old and I always use my speed control without any issues in the past and I past dozens of police radar and never got a ticket before. So I took my vehicle in for service to have them check the speed control and I was told by service car dealer my speed control was working fine. So either the officer lied to me or he pulled over the wrong car. He was in a gray unmarked car parked near s/r 200 , 700 feet north of adams street highway 301 Lawtey , Florida . Also at the time I was keeping up with the 55 mph traffic so I still question were that 45 speed limit sign was he stated . There is no question that this area is a speed trap. The officer was nice but point blank said he was writing the ticket for 60 in a 45 no matter what I said. He said I could fight it or pay it. What choice did I have I live 300 miles away so cost to flight it would not be worth it and they know it. I heard that the town of Waldo on 301 was the same until the state and feds close shop on them and I heard the chief was catch with hand in cash register. Shame towns like this are not on the up and up with so called speed traps. I guess they need the money to get those pay raise from poor suckers with their speed traps. It is what it is, hopefully the state looks into these and shuts them down like they did in the town of Waldo. Shame shame on Lawtey township and Bradford County.

lawty fl

Lawtey, FloridaSep 08, 20140 Comments

Placement of signs approaching lawty fl is a dead giveaway as a speed trap. U.S. 301 people are still PO’d about I-95 and I-75 passing them by, those many years ago. That entire corridor is on the black list for the same reason. NOT smart enough to figure out the fact that they could cultivate quite a lot of business, as traveling people do have to make stops, if they did not elect to chase people away with speed tickets, writing tickets for no reason except greed. I could have purchased gas or a number of things there, but thank goodness I was not in need of one thing!! so now i have a speeding ticket. thank you, lawty, florida, may 100 percent of all traffic bypass your town, which is entirely possible. may the town be disenfranchised and removed from the map. TRAVELING PUBLIC: there are ways to bypass lawty florida!!!! please do so!

301 Southbound Lawtey Florida

Lawtey, FloridaMar 01, 20140 Comments

Speed limit drops from 65 to 55. However cluttered signs can easily lead you to ignore the immediate drop from 55 to 45 (four signs used to reduce speed twice in about 50 feet.) I even saw a billboard a few miles before that says Lawtey Speed Trap 4.5mi! This is definitely a skillfully devised plot to trick people into breaking the law in front of an officer to get their money!

Rt 301 south near Lawtey – multiple speed changes!

Lawtey, FloridaJul 08, 20130 Comments

On 301 Near Lawtey Florida an “Officer” gave me a ticket for 66 in a 55 when I thought I was in a 65 zone. I mentioned that the zones seem to change frequently and he said “It’s like that all over the State.”

Afterwards I noticed how frequently the speed zones changed and that at least 4 other people pulled over along the way.

When I went to pay online and noticed that Lawtey Florida came up in a search as a notorious speed trap.

I Called an Attorney and he said it was the second call that day for the same area.

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