US 80 east of Uniontown approximately 5 miles out of town

Uniontown, AlabamaJun 12, 20121 Comments

If you travel US 80 east of Uniontown watch out!! You will be on a 2 lane highway with a double yellow line for approximately 5 miles and you might get behind a van from Florida traveling about 30 mph. After traveling behind this van you observe a section of the highway that you can pass but one thing you will notice is you are approaching a hill so you speed up and get around the slow van and the next thing you see in the woods on top of the hill is lights everywhere and yes you are caught and given a speeding award 69/55 $209.00. While you are getting your ticket you look and the Florida van turns around and goes back for another victim. Also the officer tells you this is a very busy highway and you go for miles and finally meet a vehicle on this busy highway.

Just for the record I am the one who got the speeding award in June of 2012. Yes, yes, yes I was speeding at the time that I got pulled over. There are always excuses when getting stopped for speeding. But my excuse was like I stated in my complaint I was on a highway with a double yellow following a van going about 30 mph from Florida. There was one section on the highway that was not double yellow so yes I sped up to pass because I was approaching a hill. When I got around the van then there was the city cop 5 miles out of town getting revenue from out of state motorist. I got my award from the I think only white policeman on the Uniontown force and got fussed at for this is a very busy highway. AMAZING while getting the ticket the van turned around and went back toward Uniontown. After the stop was over I told the policeman that I was also a policeman and he asked for my ID which I showed him. I was asked why I did not show him ID before and I told him I just do not believe in that to try and get out of a ticket. But I believe that even if I showed him the ID that I would have still received the ticket. I am retired now after 35 years with the state of Arkansas.
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