US Highway 365 near Intersesction of Duncan Bridge Road

Baldwin, GeorgiaFeb 19, 20081 Comments

Baldwin police will stop anyone, anytime, on the four lane highway. They cover about a one mile stretch of the road. It is heavily traveled by motorists going to the Smoky Mountains for vacations. Watch out!

Yes...This is a class A example of a speed trap. I travel hwy 365 twice daily to & from work, so I know they are there. Speed limit for much of hwy 365 is 65, knowing this I set my curse @ 69 to 71 well within the 10 mph buffer. Late one evening traveling NB 365 speed set @ 69, I was pulled over just passed Duncan Bridge Rd. (Cop was sitting on NB side on a gravel turn around.) Officer said he clicked me @ 82 with radar, I replied no way referring to my curse set. He replied that my curse was wrong. So I asked go see the radar to confirm my speed to see when the radar was last calibrated, he replied he could not allow me to get out of my vehicle for my safety. He then replied that "their radar equipment was right on the money", So I asked him to mark the rape for court purposes, (This is 2nd time doing this with the same PD.) During court tape was played and judge dismissed the ticket and he (The Judge) asked the officer how he would gave handled the issue if it was a DUI stop, seeing how he could not get me out of the vehicle for his safety....This is the 2nd time dealing with this police department and both times they increased my speed at least 9-10 mph, luckily they lost in court, but I ask this question; How many people have they stopped who has not taken time to fight the tickets in court or tsken time to research the Ga speeding laws? This is one of many small town PDs that are getting rich off of unsuppecting motorist. Speeding tickets are nothing more than fast and easy revenue for this small towns.
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