US Highway 378 near US Highway 58

Turbeville, South CarolinaAug 20, 20044 Comments

There is is traffic light as you are exiting the town of Turbeville heading West. If you are not stopped by this red light then you are at the mercy of the Police patrol in this area. It is a four lane highway which leads you to believe that the speed limit should be above 35mph. It is an open Highway that the town has extended the 35mph zone too far into. It’s a trap for anyone who is not familiar with the Town. An unsuspecting motorist will hold the 35mph speed limit until passing this traffic light. After passing the traffic light you will see the open road and start to accelerate. This is when you look in your rear view mirror and see the blue light. This is when you are informed that you are still in a 35mph zone which is unreasonable extended.

I respect and obey the law and speed limit but the town of Turbeville SC on 378 is ridiculous. I was driving through the town because I missed my exit on the highway on my way to Surfside Beach, SC. I am a female in my late 40's with no previous speeding tickets or any other traffic violation driving with my 70 year old mother and in no hurry. I feel the speed trap is not a way to control people who speed but a way for the town to make money. I was trying to be cautious of my speed and the signs that were posted. It was impossible to remember the speed zone with so many rapid changes in the speed zones. I will never drive that road again which will also leave me the option to drive along other roads and spend my money on gas, food, etc. in another town. The officer was polite but made me feel like a fool for not noticing the signs and many many changes of the speed limits.
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I was well east of Turbeville when an unmarked Ford pickup chased me down. He gave me a ticket claiming 59 mph in a 35 mph zone. A young boyish looking cop, said he was giving me a break by not giving me a state ticket that would become a record and create points against my record and be reported to the insurance company. but would charge me with violation of a city ordinance which would cost me more money. The ticket was for $388.00 . This is HIGHWAY ROBBERY. The ticket looks like a faded uniform state ticket.
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The same guy got me in March for 49 in a 35. He was driving the Crown Vic that day. Same ticket amount of $388.00 and told me it was a City Ordinance violation and that if paid would not be reported on my insurance. Well, that is BS! Just found out that it was reported on my insurance. I was at the edge of town and had accellerated into the 45 zone but was told you could not exceed 35 until you got to the 45mph sign. This is no doubt a speed trap. Avoid Turbeville if at all possible. The town has no other form of revenue other than these mercenary-esque cops to pull and write tickets to unsuspecting travelers.
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Well, I see the first post in this Turbeville thread is 2004---let me say nothing has changed as of 2013!! I believe this is illegal. I also received a $388 ticket and no points. The same thing happened in Summersville, WV a few months later--this time &175 and get this--if you pay another $20 for a cheesy online traffic school, you do mot get points nor is it reported!! Here is a suggestion to ease the pain--these are not tickets but rather donations!! I am deducting on my taxes....
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