Turbeville, South Carolina Speed Traps

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US 378, passing Turbeville city

Turbeville, South CarolinaFeb 28, 20170 Comments

I was very surprised to read all the posts in this website and the situation happened to me is exactly the same. The police officer was hiding under the bush and flash the blue light while passing him. He gave me a ticket of $388, ‘traffic ordinance’ violation. He said I was going at 57 in a 35 limit road. I was so shocked. First of all, he caught me in a 45 mph limit area. But he is forcefully saying that my violation occurs in 35 mph area. He was hiding just 100 ft away from the 45 mph post. The area is way after passing the city of 35 mph limit.
Second, while I saw 45 mph post, I was generally increasing my speed to catch up 45 mph. I remember, I was about 42 mph while he caught me. But he was forcefully saying, I was driving at 57 mph. How come!!!
He was very rude at me. Anyway, I did not say much and left. Spoiled my industry trip at Lake city. Never pass this Turbeville city, SC.

Approximately 500ft South of Town Welcome Stone

Turbeville, South CarolinaMay 07, 20144 Comments

Like all other comments, my family and I was headed to Myrtle Beach, SC when we approached this tiny little town called Turbeville, within 100ft of the Town Welcoming block, a speed limit sign is posted to 45mph, making it almost impossible to reduce your speed from 55mph. With just enough time to hit my breaks, a patrol car is flashing blue lights. This is where the scam begins, the officer stated I was doing 56 in a 35mi zone, when the speed limit heading South was 45 and the speed limit heading North was 35 mph. I reduced my speed from 47 mph to 35mph the minute I saw the patrol car parked about 350ft from the Town Welcoming block, the ticket was written for $388 and you guessed it, the officer said there is no need to come to court, I’m sparing you points on your license and “have a good day.” I did a double take, turned my car around to make sure that the speed limit heading South to Myrtle Beach was 45 as I had seen, and confirmed that the speed limit entering the town from Myrtle Beach was 35 headed North, the signs were within 100ft of each other on opposite sides of the hwy. This is the worst money making scam, I’ve ever seen, has anyone contacted the State or Federal Government regarding this. Shame on you, City of Turbeville, if your town is broke, raise taxes, bring in businesses, whatever, just stop taking advantage of people trying to enjoy time with their families!

Entire Town Limit/Turbeville SC US378 & US 301

Turbeville, South CarolinaSep 19, 20130 Comments

Getting off the Interstate, we decided to take the ‘old way’ to Myrtle Beach, SC. As you drive through the Town the beautiful Streetscape is appealing. However, the price you pay is viewing two new Police Cruisers and their flashy blue lights, to relieve you of money. NO State of South Carolina Uniform Traffic Ticket is used, You do not get a ticket for speeding. You get a citation for "Traffic Ordinance’. The fine ranges from $288.00 -$500.00 (apparently $388.00 is the average price), and they are eager to tell you there will be no "point violation" if you just "pay the ticket’. By the way, South Carolina issued speeding ticket revenue has to be shared with the state. "Traffic Citations" are revenue producers in that most if not all of the funds go to –THE TOWN OF TURBEVILLE, SC! Several phone calls finally got me in touch with the "judge’. She reduced my ticket to a little more than half of the $288.88, but was still a kick in the shin. WIS Television has just released an expose` on this town’ pratices (Sept 19, 2013).

Turbeville on the outskirts of town and mainly past the Iga

Turbeville, South CarolinaSep 17, 20130 Comments

They are actually being investigate as we speak, they charge high fines to outsiders and stop u for speeding up too early and slowing down too late. Turbeville is the gateway to Myrtle beach

Turbeville, sc

Turbeville, South CarolinaAug 11, 20134 Comments

Was approaching this little town from the east, on highway 378. Saw the sign ahead that said 35 mph, slowed down. Then almost immediately saw the blue lights up ahead. I told him I was slowing down for the 35 limit. He said the speed limit was 45 mph before coming into the town, and you were going 69 mph. Just as the other posters noted, the cop said there would be no points as he was “doing me a favor”. Ticket said violation of traffic ordinance. And the fine was $388.00! I’m nearly always the slowest person on the road. I see speeders flying past me all the time. This is probably indeed this town’s only source of income – taking advantage of the many people going back and forth from Myrtle Beach, and the strangely shifting mph limits on this road. I will never go through this town again, or anywhere near it, except to traffic court for this ticket. Ruined the trip to Myrtle Beach too.

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