US Highway M-72 near West of Grayling

Grayling, MichiganOct 08, 20082 Comments

When heading west out of Grayling. Between 3 to 7 miles outside of Grayling the officers wait for speeders and nab many many bandits!

I travel the stretch of M-72 that is mentioned west of Grayling just about everyday and can verify that it is a speed trap especially where it is reduced to two lanes west of town.
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US 72 coming from Traverse City to Grayling. Cop got me. 60 in a 55. Wanted me to post bond, $20.00. I didn't have it. Took my license. When I called about the ticket, the recording said, it was $112. for 1-10 miles over the limit. 1-10 miles over the limit. They used to have a detour around Grayling, now that you have to go through town, BE CAREFUL. That posting bond thing, I just don't understand. They wanted to take me down to a Justice of the Peace's house to post bond. Sounds like a speed trap, kangaroo court. Well, I paid my ticket. Cost me $112. I hope that cop that got me rots in you-know-where. So be careful, folks. Don't let this happen to you.
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