US Hwy 281 & 1st St

Marble Falls, TexasJun 24, 20093 Comments

Long down hill and across the bridge. Any City or State that allows Cops to sit at the bottom of a down hill should be ashamed. Your not even on the gas, but let off the brake a little too much and you’ll exceed their magic number. They’d rather you have a wreck staring at you speedometer than watching 4 lanes of traffic on a curving downhill road. We’re not talking 20 mph over either. If your 6 miles per hour over they ticket you. No warning, but a mandatory ticket. Ridiculos part is my wife &I went there to look for real estate. After that Pimp they call a cop gave us a Ticket. We decided we’d buy anywhere but Marble Falls.

Call it car/vehicle control. The entire Central Texas area is hilly. They don't call it the Hill Country for no reason. I've made over 100 round trips thru Marble Falls the last 16-yrs. I've not been ticketed there yet. That said, I see and detect locals every trip thru town. I'd be more concerned of the locals and DPS that patrol b/t Marble Falls and Burnett. Which is a Very Unsafe stretch of Hwy 281. Being an undivided four laner with a lot of truck traffic from the Rock quarry. Left lane is supposed to be for Passing Only situations. But, that is not how the Dumb Locals drive it. I've literally smacked mirrors, while passing another vehicle. With oncoming Pickups because they won't move over to a clear right hand lane on their side. Luckily, this stretch is under improvement and widening of HWY-281.
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Well glad you did not buy property here !!! If you can not keep your car at the posted speed limit then you should be driving or get your brakes fixed. And there are alot of bad wrecks at this intersection. If I was the chief I have one of my Officers there every day. Marble Falls has several good officers in this town and should be proud of the job they do.... And I don't think the Chief lets and PIMPS work for his department... SLOW DOWN
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I am a local. This downhill section is a very dangerous piece of road. The speed limit here is more than reasonable. There is a traffic light with heavy cross traffic near the bottom of the hill before the bridge, and if you're not used to the area, it is quite surprising. You just can't see it until you are right upon it and then you're going downhill and a little too fast and bad things happen. This is definitely not a speedtrap. Just slow down, there's a reason for this speed limit. Really.
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