Marble Falls, Texas Speed Traps

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All over the city

Marble Falls, TexasMar 25, 20100 Comments

The police for the City of Marble Falls only give mph leeway over the posted speed limit. Do not exceed the limit due to the fact that some of the officers are known to write citations for one mile an hour over the limit.

On U.S. Hwy. 281 heading South into Marble Falls Just North of Town

Marble Falls, TexasMar 16, 20101 Comments

Coming from Burnet heading South into Marble Falls on U.S. Hwy. 281 the speed limit goes from 70 down to 55 right past the Goodyear store. There is almost always a police officer sitting right there to give you a ticket when you don’t slow down. Marble Falls will and does give tickets throughout the town for 6 miles over. All areas around schools are patroled and you should be going the posted speed. The other listings for Marble Falls talking about Vans that were parked in town taking pictures of cars speeding and sending them tickets is no longer in Marble Falls. It only lasted a short while because there was a dispute with TxDot and the City about it not being legal. While it was there, they Did give a Lot of tickets. But not to worry about that now. It really is a great place to live and they are really just watching out for your safety and Yes I have gotten a few tickets myself!

US Hwy 281 & 1st St

Marble Falls, TexasJun 24, 20093 Comments

Long down hill and across the bridge. Any City or State that allows Cops to sit at the bottom of a down hill should be ashamed. Your not even on the gas, but let off the brake a little too much and you’ll exceed their magic number. They’d rather you have a wreck staring at you speedometer than watching 4 lanes of traffic on a curving downhill road. We’re not talking 20 mph over either. If your 6 miles per hour over they ticket you. No warning, but a mandatory ticket. Ridiculos part is my wife &I went there to look for real estate. After that Pimp they call a cop gave us a Ticket. We decided we’d buy anywhere but Marble Falls.

US Highway 281 near Everywhere

Marble Falls, TexasFeb 11, 20070 Comments

Cameras sitting on side of the road and attached to a van hidden in the bushes or behind trash containers or large trucks. You may not see the cameras because they are on a small tripod like a photographer would use and they move them 4-5 times a day to different locations. But they always position them a couple of hundred yards away so if you are looking for them and think they are not out they will still get you. They issue 400-500 tickets a day since they got the cameras. They probably only issued 2-3 tickets a day before.

State Highway 281 near State Highway 281

Marble Falls, TexasOct 25, 20060 Comments

Marble Falls now has vans with Laser set up on the side of the highway, takes your speed, picture of you license plate and your face! They are desperate for money I guess.

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