US RT-19 – Anywhere within Summersville, WV

Summersville, West VirginiaJun 17, 20020 Comments

I am Canadian and travel through Summersville, WV, quite often. (it is the shortest route through WV). When the sign says Speed Limit Strictly Enforced, they mean it. While traveling through on night – 3:00am, I stopped for gas at an Amaco gas bar with a 24-hr Arby’s. I was there for no less than 40-minutes when a Summersville cop drove in, parked in front of my car blocking it and said I just passed him doing 72 in a 50 zone. When I asked him the exact time, he told me 3:17am. I had filled up with gas, and purchased an Arby’s meal. I keep all my receipts and the time on it was 3:17am. The officer had the ticket filled out completely except for my personal information. I asked him to reconfirm the time which he complied to reasure me it was exactly 3:17am. I then showed him my meal receipt for the exact same time and told him he was lying. All he did was turn around and leave. A complaint filed by an out of state person gets about as much interest. The police department said it must have been an error in transcribing the time and said i would be better off dropping the complaint as I could be charged if any fact was not true. I decided they had the advantage and left well enough alone. This department is very corupt is all I say. Since I drive a company car, I have had the licence plates changed.

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