Vernier between I-94 and Mack avenue and the whole city of Grosse Pointe Woods

Grosse Pointe Woods, MichiganJan 01, 20012 Comments

The city of grosse pointe woods,a suburb of Detroit MI, is notorious for ticketing drivers for the slightest infraction above the posted speed limits. It is also a very common practice for the police to stop vehicles for a burned out tail or headlight. This gives the officer reason to make a stop which can escalate into a vehicle search,etc. Local residents have nicknamed this city " NORTH WALDO" in humorous comparison to the nations most notorious speed trap. A visit to municipal court reveals a pattern where the judge will reduce or dimiss some "points" against the defendants driving record contingent on no further vioalations for six months following the court appearance. However, the judge then charges from 50 to 80 dollars in court costs (usually $80). If the defendant questions the excessive court cost, the judge will remind them what the cost will be when thier insurance company raises thier premiums due to points on thier driving record. The defendant realizes what a bargain the $80 court cost is compared to higher insurance premiums and thanks the judge and heads for the door. Pretty good scam. Anyone who has lived in this community for more than a year knows of someone who has been ticketed.

As of this year we got a new judge in town The Metry family in well respected in the Woods. we'll see what happens.
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Grosse Pointe Woods police also like to to dial up the embarassment factor on speeding tickets. A minimum of two squad cars, sometimes three if you get pulled over. If you are a minority, be preparepared to get pulled over, and asked " you need any assistance in finding an address..." The only place worse than Grosse Pointe Woods is Australia. Speeding ticket there was for 4kph over. Yea, that's 2.8 mph! Even the locals refer to Victoria Police as Nazis
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