Warwick – 300 next to white church

Warwick, GeorgiaJul 29, 20130 Comments

I was on my way to Mexico Beach with my children – I was aware of the speeding violations in this area so I slowed my vehicle to 50mph (55 zone) I saw the officer sitting up ahead on the side of the road headed in my direction. As I approached, he turned his light on. I was thinking he had clocked someone in the opposite direction, although I never saw his radar and he was not turned facing my vehicle. I made the statement that he was about to pull someone over so I moved into the right lane to allow him to pass. To my surprise he pulled me over and told me I was going 62 in 45. I knew there was no way ! I decided it was a no win situation and continued on. On the way home 3 days later, My husband was driving and my son was behind us in his truck. We were both traveling 40mph. There were several police cars on the side of the road and in the median spread along the same area. We were discussing my situation when my husband looked in his rear view and said, He is coming up behind us with his lights on. I am thinking "No Way" He pulled my son over. We pulled over with him and was told to go park and he would deal with us when he was finished with my son. My son asked if he was speeding and the officer told him that he was not but had illegal tint. We just purchased this vehicle from Butler Toyota in Macon Georgia and had no idea at all that the tint was illegal. Vehicle was purchased used, but we never knew this . I explained to the officer that he is a college student and that he had just purchased vehicle from a large dealership in Macon and we did not know, Explained that I had just gotten a ticket on the way down and was there anyway he could get a warning and we would get it fixed immediately. Ticket was already written at this point and he said he was sorry – we could either pay the fine or go to court. I cannot believe this ! Turned out to very a very expensive weekend getaway for my family. Any suggestions ?

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