Bristol, Tennessee Speed Traps

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State Highway 11 E – Vol. Prky near Old Gas Station Near Advanced Auto

Bristol, TennesseeDec 29, 20050 Comments

The police hide in the corner of the parking lot beside of the old car wash. The either sit under the trees hiding to catch "speeders" or hide behind the car wash so it is impossible to see them until you are past. Be careful when traveling in this region, the police are on a mission like gastapo.

West State Street near CVS Pharmacy

Bristol, TennesseeJul 09, 20040 Comments

An officer sits in the exit lane of the CVS Pharmacy on West State right before the traffic light. You can’t see him because of the trees.

State Highway 11E

Bristol, TennesseeJun 18, 20040 Comments

On Hwy 11E, Between Hardee’s (northbound start) and Rex TV Sales (southbound start), police have been known to sit in various parking lots on this flat stretch of fly room. In past, they have been gracious enough to leave thier lights on as a "warning" and get the hardcore speeders; but since the new police chief has moved in, they have been hiding and sometimes clocking "for sport" and radioing ahead to a 5 or 6 car squad. the speed limit is 35, the flow of traffic in the midday is 50 to 55, and u can easily get away with 45, no problem.

West State Street

Bristol, TennesseeJun 18, 20040 Comments

This is the location of the "local out-town" along with lots of restaraunts. the speed limit is 35, and wreckless driving and loitering are a bigger issue, so if you plan to drive thru and park, think again. during heavy nights, especially summer, its not uncommon to see 3-5 tennessee cops, and 3-4 virginia cops, constantly busting speeders, racers, loiterers, and flat out teenagers.

US-11W (West State Street) between I-81 and US-421. Where the speed goes from 55 to 35 abruptly

Bristol, TennesseeJun 08, 20030 Comments

Coming east into Bristol on US-11W from I-81, the speed limit abruptly drops from 55 to 35. The Bristol PD sit behind a trash dumpster in a private parking lot just after the speed limit abruptly drops from 55 to 35. Sometimes they sit a quarter of a mile up the hill and around the turn in another private parking lot behind a trash dumpster. They enforce 36 in this area. There is almost no notice that the speed limit is going to drop abruptly from 55 to 35. The Bristol PD makes it’s car payments off of the money that the out of towners donate to this speed trap. Locals know to be doing 35 before they reach this speed trap. I was daydreaming and forgot the abrupt change from 55 to 35 the day they got me. With the speed limit changing 20 miles an hour, it’s either a guaranteed high cost ticket or an expensive trip to the lawyers office. Either way, you are going to make an expensive donation to the economy if caught by this speed trap in Bristol, TN.

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