Lakewood, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Lakewood Voters Have rejected the Charter

Lakewood, TennesseeApr 23, 20110 Comments

All of these speed traps described are real; however Lakewood voters have just rescinded their charter as a town and now it is part of Metro Nashville. The police have been replaced with Metro Nashville patrols….Good news…..

Old Hickory Blvd-Hwy 45

Lakewood, TennesseeNov 25, 20100 Comments

I am 73 years old, and I got my 1st speeding ticket of my life. I was doing 47 in a 45 speed zone. They are a bunch of fee grabbing ?@#&**%#S. I would recommend that all drivers should go no faster than 35 through this section of Davidson county. This has to be a major source of income.

State Route 45 near Shutes Lane

Lakewood, TennesseeMar 17, 20080 Comments

Cops in this town are parking on private property with there lights off and in a driveway clocking people as they come by. They are not visible until they turn on there running lights and then it is to late because they then pull you over.

State Route Old Hickory Blvd. near State Route Old Hickory Blvd.

Lakewood, TennesseeFeb 22, 20080 Comments

Lakewood is cop city. Do not speed in Lakewood–any part of it. They sit on the backroads of Lakeshore and Pitts, they sit at the swingset place by the Hermitage Golf Course, they sit on Anthony Street, 24th street, in the school zone right past the liquor stores (all these right off Old Hickory Blvd) radaring and waiting to give you a ticket. That’s all they can do–they have 12 hours and 1/4 stretch to patrol. Watch out–do not go over 45–go about 40 to be safe!

Old Hickory Boulevard near Hadley Crossing

Lakewood, TennesseeOct 02, 20070 Comments

There is a school zone there. The speed limit is 15 mph. There is a red light before the school zone. They set up radar in the football field parking lot. This is in morning and afternoon.

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