Shelbyville, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Near Walmart area all the way towards Deason

Shelbyville, TennesseeJun 11, 20110 Comments

The speed limit has been lowered from 65MPH to 50MPH in order to “save lives” and, more importantly, to increase revenue. As it stands right now, about everyone going that stretch is simply ignoring the speed change. This will probably continue to be the case until the speed differential increases the accidents enough to warrant increasing it to at least 55mph.

Cops are everywhere. They will sit on the side of the road in the emergency lane, parked DAMN close to the oncoming flow of traffic, so you have to be careful or you could end up hitting them. They will also sit on a lot of the side roads where it is difficult to see them, until it is too late.

I would highly recommend a radar detector for this stretch.

To make matters worse, they ended up doing this without giving anyone any warning, and from what I hear the cops are handing tickets out left and right, instead of giving a warning to motorists that are accustomed to the reasonable 65mph zone it was before.

State Highway 231

Shelbyville, TennesseeFeb 14, 20082 Comments

If you are heading from Murfreesboro to Shelbyville on Hwy 231, right before you enter Deason you have to go up a hill, well at the TOP of the hill the speed limit drops from 65 to 55. The cops normally sit at the bottom of the other side of the hill. If you are still doing 65 when you get to the top of the hill, it’s too late!

McDale Road near US Highway 231

Shelbyville, TennesseeSep 29, 20070 Comments

On McDale Rd off of 231 North you can see a Motorcycle Cop sitting there. There is a posted 30MPH speed limit sign but anyone that travels this road knows, NO ONE does this. I’ve tried going 30, in fear of being pulled over and nearly get run off the road. They need to raise the speed limit on McDale, except for on the sharp corner, which I myself am guily of totalling a car on!

State Highway 231 near Lowe’s

Shelbyville, TennesseeJan 18, 20062 Comments

It is not unusual for 2-3 units to be sitting in the parking lot of Lowe’s from the south they are blocked by trees, from the north you crest a hill. Either way you wont see them until it’s too late.

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