Austin, Texas Speed Traps

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Hwy 183 betweenBraker and Anderson Mill

Austin, TexasFeb 20, 20110 Comments

If you turn south on 183 from Anderson Mill Rd and stay on the feeder. you will not see a speed limit sign until you get close to Duval. They sit on both sides. 183 speed limit is 65, but the feeder is 50mph. There is a gun shop at Anderson Mill that I go into occasionally and the motorcycle cops hang there close to shift change time. They will sit and joke about how many tickets they wrote that day and will brag to each other about writing doubles and triples. Add the Liberal police chief that Austin imported from California, and Austin has basically become a police state.

Heading east on Riverside from I-35/Riverside intersection

Austin, TexasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

I am a UT student and I take the shuttle bus to school every morning and afternoon. Every other day, if not everyday, there is a cruiser sitting in the closed Jack In The Box parking lot facing I-35 as you come over a slight hill. I’ve literally seen this trap at least every other day from the shuttle bus at various hours between 9am-4pm but pretty consistently at 9am-11am. The speed limit is 35 but NO ONE goes 35.

Bee Caves Road between MoPac and 360

Austin, TexasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Wild variations in posted speed limit. Sometimes different speed limits posted on opposite sides of the road. Varies between 30 and 45 within a few meters.

Westbank between Bee Caves and 360

Austin, TexasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Cops wait in a driveway at the bottom of the hill near Pinnacle.

south-bound access road of MoPac at Enfield

Austin, TexasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Speed limit drops from 35 to 30 between Enfield and Lake Austin Blvd. Cops wait in a side street.

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