Corpus Christi, Texas Speed Traps

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Exiting Flour Bluff heading into Corpus

Corpus Christi, TexasJun 14, 20100 Comments

After you cross the Oso Bridge heading into Corpus and head up the next hill slow down to the 65 mph speed limit. There is a motorcycle cop that sits at the exit ramp at the bottom of the hill with his little radar gun. Once you pass him the speed limit drops to 60. He gets you as you crest the hill and then it’s too late.

Interstate 37 near US Highway 59

Corpus Christi, TexasMay 26, 20080 Comments

59 crosses over HWY 37 and there is an exit right there. There is a hill which they sit right below or above depending upon which way you are coming (north to south or south to north). The highway patrol are there both sides of the road 24/7 to catch people.

State Highway 358 W near Flour Bluff Drive

Corpus Christi, TexasMay 23, 20080 Comments

The cruiser sits on the curve as you are coming back into town leaving Flour Bluff, it is a blind curve so you don’t see the cop until he has already locked onto you. I usually slow down to exactly to speed limit, not a mile higher or lower, right before I get to Funtrackers. Not only are they looking for speeders, I think that is their reason to pull people over and give out DWIs.

Yorktown Boulevard near Between Weber & Everhart

Corpus Christi, TexasMay 23, 20081 Comments

Usually a motorcycle officer sits behind a large sign where they are building new houses in the lakes. He gets the speeders coming from Weber into the lakes going towards Everhart. The speed limit is 45. He is usually not alone, there is usually a cruiser and 2 other motorcycle units unseen nearby. I thought it was only him, but one day he had someone pulled over, and then all of a sudden another one stopped someone else. I have also seen them leave there and there were 4 of them.

Ocean Drive near Doddridge Road

Corpus Christi, TexasDec 28, 20070 Comments

Traveling from Robert Drive towards Doddridge on Ocean Drive in the mornings there will be a cop hiding right past a brick wall as soon as the houses end. The houses end on a slight curve so it is nearly impossible to see him before he clocks you.

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