Corpus Christi, Texas Speed Traps

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All of Ennis Joslin Rd and connecting streets, Alameda, Nile

Corpus Christi, TexasOct 16, 20190 Comments

There are motorcycle cops hidden all around, behind fences and bushes and blind curves. They know Ennis Joslin is THE only way to get to the University and the place to be to unload an easy ticket and will do so even if your only a few miles over the speed limit. If you can, avoid this area at all costs.

intesection of 286 and 358

Corpus Christi, TexasFeb 17, 20130 Comments

aka crosstown and spid….. if you’re west bound on spid, you’ll notice them sitting on the entrance ramp of westbound 358 coming from northbound 286. they’ll be leaning over the edge of the ramp (30 ft above ground level) with the laser binocs citing speeders westbound on 358 from the 30ft vantage point. ethics are at an all time low with this department. beware! they want your money!

on greenwood between holly and spid

Corpus Christi, TexasFeb 14, 20130 Comments

two of the city’s finest are parking their motorcycles behind the bus bench on east side of road and then sitting on the bus bench. at first glance, it’s just two dudes waiting for the bus….until the one without the radar binocs runs out into the road and motions you to pull over. posted speed limit is 35mph. bus bench is in plain sight. no structures are on that side of the road as it is a vacant field….beware. they’ll be under the bench next.

North side of IH 37 at Callicoatte Road

Corpus Christi, TexasMar 04, 20110 Comments

Police car sits on Church parking lot with radar set on exit onto Callicoatte Rd. and on IH 37. Perfect advantage point since it is a hill

Exiting Flour Bluff heading into Corpus

Corpus Christi, TexasJun 14, 20100 Comments

After you cross the Oso Bridge heading into Corpus and head up the next hill slow down to the 65 mph speed limit. There is a motorcycle cop that sits at the exit ramp at the bottom of the hill with his little radar gun. Once you pass him the speed limit drops to 60. He gets you as you crest the hill and then it’s too late.

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