Driscoll, Texas Speed Traps

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Highway 77 through the whole 1 mile of Driscoll

Driscoll, TexasMar 30, 20150 Comments

With a population of just over 700, this town issues more tickets than most. Their police units are at the ready to pull you over for speeding (I truly was not but got the ticket anyway), illegal lane change, something hanging from rear view mirror, expired sticker, etc. Famous for decades of false accusations, Driscoll is very well known in south Texas as the worst speed trap EVER!

city limit on highway 77

Driscoll, TexasAug 19, 20130 Comments

cops sit on the vacant business lots waiting for victims.

Highway 77 @ Avenue G.

Driscoll, TexasAug 05, 20130 Comments

Speed drops from 75 to 55 to 40 extremely abruptly. Very rude officers. Targeting out of state drivers.

Highway 77 through town.

Driscoll, TexasJan 18, 20130 Comments

Speed drops from 75 to 70 to 55 to 45 to 35 all within a mile.


Driscoll, TexasNov 19, 20120 Comments

BEWARE!! Bored country cops on patrol, I was picked out of a pack of 5-6 vehicles, “ALL” going the posted speed in town of 40 & pulled over for an expired inspection sticker. That’s fine, how about a Polite Warning? My inspection expired 17 days ago!! The “fine” you ask…$174.00 just in time for the Holidays !!! Santa just got robbed…
Hey Homie, I grew up in the Valley, I know reverse discrimination when I’m exposed to it…
I asked the cop how much my fine was, he responded that he “wasn’t sure”…
REALLY???? All you do is write tickets??? It’s listed on the ticket form which you politely folded so I couldn’t see it, then sent me on my way.
This place gives Good Cops a BAD name!!
PS: there were 4-5 city units on patrol in a 2-3 mile stretch, so YES, Driscoll Tx is a SPEED TRAP of Epic Proportions!

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