El Paso, Texas Speed Traps

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I-10 Hiway from east to west.

El Paso, TexasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

The interstate 10 which crosses the city from east to west and viceversa, is constantly under construction, where speeds will drop from 60 to 50 and the fines are double because it is a construction zone. Even though some of the work is actually being done on the gateways or side streets the DOT which seems to work in tandem with police places the signs on the freeway. The worst thing about this speed trap is, that if you need to go anywhere in El Paso you have to take I-10 as there are no other freeways. Yes, El Paso is in TEXAS!.

Global Reach

El Paso, TexasJan 03, 20110 Comments

just as you come over the big hill headed towards post or after the stoplight headed away from post there usually sits two mustang gts radaring. usually seen around 9 on weeknights and at random times on weekends

US54 South Transmountain / Woodrowbean

El Paso, TexasOct 05, 20100 Comments

In the morning between 5 and 8 when the soldiers are heading in to post. He sits on the down hill side just out of view. You can not see him until you top the hill and it is too late.

Eastbound Transmountain Road near the Resler intersection

El Paso, TexasJul 12, 20100 Comments

This trap is normally motorcycle cops hidden in bushes on the side of the road, using lasers . So a radar detector w/o laser capability won’t help you here. The road is a miles-long downhill grade that makes exceeding the speed limit very easy to do if you’re not watching your speedometer closely. The locals love to lighten your wallet at this location.

Spur 601/Sgt Major BLVD

El Paso, TexasJun 30, 20100 Comments

Motorcycle cop. Slow your self down, because he hides alongside the on ramp to snag those going anywhere between 8+ miles over. $178 ticket, with $107 in court fees for going 11mph over.

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