Fairfield, Texas Speed Traps

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I45 and FM27

Fairfield, TexasSep 10, 20160 Comments

Just a trap not a speed trap. When 18wheelers exit I45 on FM 27 to enter Loves Truckstop they block FM 27 waiting for a parking place.
After a long wait, if you pull around them in the left turn lane expect a ticket

highway 84 west of town

Fairfield, TexasFeb 02, 20160 Comments

as you approach fair4field on hwy 84 from the west, the city limit is way before there many homes or businesses. Its easy to miss the city limit sign and the sudden change to 55 mph. be careful you are probably on radar

All of Fairfield is a speed trip.

Fairfield, TexasDec 29, 20140 Comments

I was on 75 in Fairfield, TX and there are at least three different speed limits within a half of mile. You will always get a ticket because it is not possible to reduce your speed as there was no warning to let you know that the speed was changing. The officer asked me first question if I was from out of town. I knew I was getting a ticket. He also made sure he said I was over by 11 miles to raise me to next fine. I also only had three weeks to appear in court. I tried almost everyday to called the courts to find out information to reset court date or information about Defensive Driving Safety Course. The officer gave me a paper with the acceptable fines. There was a number on there, but I never once got a live person and I left a lot of messages and no one ever return my call. Further the paper said to see the other side to find out information about the Driving Safety Course. The only problem is that the other side was blank. The only number that worked was the one, which you can make a payment to pay for the ticket. This is a more than a speed trap, but I feel it border line illegal. Please be careful, but really no way around avoiding a ticket.

On fm 488 just inside the northeast city limits

Fairfield, TexasJun 21, 20110 Comments

Officers sit behind a large oak tree just inside the city limits to catch drivers immediately after the speed limit changes

North bound i-45 entrance ramp at the bridge for highway 833

Fairfield, TexasMay 08, 20110 Comments

I’ve lived in Fairfield since birth and the highway patrol have always hid behind a hill on the entrance ramp. They are completely hidden from sight until you get past the ramp and they hit you with radar. The place where they hide is also so far back that a radar detector will not pick it up until it is too late. I recently got a ticket for doing 75 past the ramp while not even thinking about them sitting there. Along with the other posts I can confirm that the whole town is a speed trap since the police have nothing better to do.

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