Helotes, Texas Speed Traps

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Entering Helotes, TX northbound on Bandera Rd

Helotes, TexasMar 25, 20210 Comments

I was on vacation in San Antonio going north bound on Bandera Rd entering into Helotes when I came to Leslie. I got into the far left hand lane to turn left. I could have chosen the middle lane which is also able to turn left but I chose the far left lane. During my left hand turn I saw nothing unusual but in a couple of seconds I was pulled over by a Helotes officer who was asking me why I didn’t see the flashing lights before the school zone. I told him I didn’t see any flashing lights.

You can guess how it went after that.  Later that day I re-enacted the whole event and found out if there is any kind of a large truck in front of you in the outside lane you will not be able to see those flashing amber lights indicating a school is ahead. After paying my fine I saw the officer and told him what I thought had happened and he said he had heard that before and maybe the city should paint “school zone” in that lane. I could be wrong but I think the officer justs sits there and waits for those inside left lane people to have their view blocked by another vehicle and whammo, “didn’t you see the flashing lights”.

Braun road outside of 1604

Helotes, TexasJan 08, 20150 Comments

The speed limit is 40 on this major road. Apparently Helotes P.D. just took over this area and has been stopping people coming down the hill.

Hwy 16 (Bandera Rd) from Scenic Loop Rd to San Antonio Ranch

Helotes, TexasMar 03, 20140 Comments

New speed limits have been posted, changed from 65 to 55. Helotes PD has been stopping vehicles in both directions since the slower speed was posted.

FM 1560 towards Helotes

Helotes, TexasApr 18, 20110 Comments

This town has decided to reduce the speed limit to 40 mph on a stretch where there are no houses, no pedestrian traffic and you are coming from a stretch of the road where the speed limit is 55 mph.

The police travel the road and turn their radar off and on so can they detect you coming around a curve.

10 mph and over will cost you $200 or more, by the way, if you have a commercial drivers license, they will not give you deferred adjudication.

Biggs Road

Helotes, TexasOct 27, 20100 Comments

A cop sits on a stretch of wide two lane road with no buildingsand little traffic where one would expect at least a 35 MPH speed limit. There is a 25 MPH sign at the beginning which is partially hidden by a tree branch and set back from the road so it isn’t very noticable.

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