Lampasas, Texas Speed Traps

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The whole town

Lampasas, TexasAug 26, 20131 Comments

I am a lifetime resident. The town has bought 3 motorcycles, and has written $850,000 in tickets. mostly unpaid, but continues to write them. Also, they have a city ordinance on Exhibition of acceleration, there is zero fighting that ticket. They pull over for tail lights and insurance, with the tailgate and back off maneuver. One sits across from the Shell station on the north end of town in a over grown corner and one normally sits by the autozone in front of a run down house. COUNTY RESIDENTS HATE THEM, but CORRUPT COUNTY OFFICIALS KEEP THEM PAID, we can’t do much about it.

HWY 190 West going towards 183

Lampasas, TexasMay 09, 20120 Comments

Once you pass the Wal-mart headed into Lampasses on HWY 190 the speed drops to 45mph. About half a mile it drops to 35mph with the sign behind a tree. The cop asked if I knew I was going 47 in a 35. I said no, thats why you park in that parking lot off to the side to catch people in your lil speed trap. He did not like that comment.

near the Lollipop Water Tower 280 W

Lampasas, TexasMay 05, 20110 Comments

He sits under the live oak trees near the tower and will get you. Today he shifted a little east on the road, expect he will be somewhere on there several days a week.

Hway 190 from Hway 281

Lampasas, TexasApr 14, 20110 Comments

There is a motorcycle cop hiding on 190, and writing tickets for what he thinks happened. I pulled off from a light and was stopped for doing “50 in a 35”
Don’t try to reason with him ,he has “stone” ears

HWY 580 – East and West

Lampasas, TexasSep 27, 20100 Comments

Be careful when traveling on 580 E from Key Ave going toward Kempner locals hide in the parking lot near the RR crossing and speed changes from 60 to 45 to 40 in less than 1/4 mile.

Coming into town from 580 West speed drops from 60 to 35 just at a hill top and the locals are waiting near a self-storage unit and are thrilled at passing out tickets for 5 miles over the limit!

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