Oakwood, Texas Speed Traps

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North side on US79

Oakwood, TexasApr 16, 20190 Comments

In north side of town (very small), in business parking lot . Checking southbound traffic on US79. Followed us out of town. After city limit, passed us then drive southbound for several miles. Cop was speeding of course. White Chevy Blazer with cop markings.

Hwy 79 at east city limit.

Oakwood, TexasNov 06, 20171 Comments

Speed limit drops from 70 to 55 at city limit. Officer sits about 500yards down under trees on what appears to be private property. I was stopped at 9:30pm. Was only car in sight at the time in either direction. As I approached the 55 mph speed sign I disengaged my cruise control and immediately saw his lights activate and he began moving toward the road. Being so far away and fact that I had just reached the sign, I assumed he was responding to something so I slowed to allow him to pull out. He instead waited for me to pass and pulled me over. Cited me for 67 in 55. I pointed out I had just reached sign but did not matter. They do not allow you time to slow before citing. You must know to slow before reaching sign I guess.

southandnorth bound 79 hwy

Oakwood, TexasJul 22, 20140 Comments

little bitty area of a few blocks where speed goes to 40 mph and cop sits in hiding to catch you. he dont look at insurance or reg for car he just writes the ticket

both north and southbound on Hwy 79 coming into town

Oakwood, TexasJan 04, 20121 Comments

The Oakwood police, all two of them, sit in a Tahoe vehicle (white) under a shade tree in a private yard, shooting radar at south bound traffic. The traffic coming in from the south is greeted by radar by one of Oakwoods “finest” as he sits at the Barrileaux contstruction parking lot. Make sure you slow and warn your fellow drivers. The Oakwood police must pay their salary with your moving violation. Be safe. Be alert. As these two snakes move, I’ll keep all updated. If the speed trap was for safety and not revenue, you would not see the Barney Fife boys watching your speed.

State highway 79

Oakwood, TexasFeb 01, 20110 Comments

Very small town. No highway intersections. The speed limit drops from 70 to 45 before you know it. If you don’t put on your brakes you will be speeding.

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