Smithville, Texas Speed Traps

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Hwy 95 @ Loop 230 intersection

Smithville, TexasSep 03, 20120 Comments

On Hwy 95 just south of the Loop 230 intersection in Smithville, TX, the speed limit signs have been intentionally placed behind a clump of crepe myrtle trees.
There is almost always a cop hiding in the bushes just south of the intersection just waiting for a speeder to drive through. After I reported this to TXDOT, the trees on the south bound side of Hwy 95 were partially cut back exposing part of the speed limit sign. The sign on the north bound side is still completely covered. FYI, if passing through Smithville, TX be aware that there is a 5 MHP drop in the speed limit hidden behind the crepe myrtles and a cop waiting for someone to drive through, unaware of the hidden signs. Do not speed through Smithville. I have seen many, many drivers ticketed at this intersection.

HWY 71 30-40 mins from Austin

Smithville, TexasJul 26, 20120 Comments

I was speeding. I mistakenly thought the limit was 75, so I set my cruise control on 80. The actual limit was 70. My Waze app showed I was doing 79 as did my GPS. I was issued a ticket for doing 81 in a 70 which bumped my fine from $150 to $250. Had I been "clocked" at 80, I would have not been penalized the extra $100. I was eager to get to my destination in Austin after being on the road for 8 hours, so I did not argue. I thank God for the bravery and professionalism of our public servants and again, do admit to speeding. But, I really do belive that the extra 1 mph difference added to my ticket was excessive.

FM 2571 (Upton Rd) Just inside the City limits

Smithville, TexasMay 10, 20101 Comments

If your coming in to Smithville on Hwy 2571 (Upton Rd). A City officer will be waiting to get you for speeding on the corner of Reed St and FM 2571. The tall grass in the empty city block hides them well and the speed drops from 55 to 40. When you see the first house….. you had better be doing 40MPH. Oh and you only have three weeks to pay for your ticket or they WILL issue a warrent for your arrest and knock on your door.
(I personally know this to be a fact)

FM 2104 near FM 2239

Smithville, TexasMay 23, 20062 Comments

Legal speed on divided FM Roads in Texas is 70 MPH. Cities and counties may lower the limit if deemed necessary for safety. Around the intersection of FM 2239 and FM 2104 the speed limit is posted at 60 MPH. There is not another speed limit sign for 13 miles — in the city limits of Smithville — but the Constable who patrols the area will stop you for exceeding 60 MPH. I was allegedly driving at 73 MPH and the ticket was about $200.00

280 Loop near Turney Street

Smithville, TexasApr 08, 20061 Comments

Upon exiting Freeway 77 onto the Loop 290 heading into Smithville, the speed limit is clearly marked at 50 mph. Less than 50 yards from the 50 mph speed sign, there is a less obvious speed sign posted 35 mph. The police car is hidden by this sign. Unsuspecting visitors, even if the 35 mph sign is seen, cannot slow down fast enough to avoid the radar. The fine is $115 plus $5 for every mile over the speed limit. I was caught at 48 mph – obviously slowing down after seeing the 35 mph sign.

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