The Colony, Texas Speed Traps

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Windhaven Parkway near Plano Parkway

The Colony, TexasOct 09, 20070 Comments

As you head westbound on Windhaven, two lanes each way, toward Plano Parkway, the last quarter mile is a steep slope downward to the stop light. It is posted 40 MPH before the slope, but you can coast to 55 easily if you don’t ride the brake the whole way down the hill. The Colony PD sits in the median past the overpass where you can’t see them until it’s too late.

Lake Highlands Drive near Main Street

The Colony, TexasJun 21, 20070 Comments

Turning west off of Main Street onto Lake Highlands, the speed limit drops from 45 (Main St.) to 20 mph. Any of these streets: Lake Park, Lakeland, N. Shore, Lakecrest, Horseshoe, Lakeview, W. Shore, are under this speed limit. The officer who stopped me (only got a warning) explained that since there are no sidewalks in this Northwest corner of The Colony, the speed limit is only 20. There are other parts in the north part of The Colony subject to 20 mph. Watch for the no sidewalk areas.

Morning Star Road near State Highway 121

The Colony, TexasJun 09, 20060 Comments

Coming off highway 121 on to Morning Star, the road reduces from 2 lanes to 1. The cops are coming the other direction and the speed limit is set absurdly low at 30 MPH, you are legally allowed to ride your bicycle faster than that past the cars on that road! Allowed a van to pass me from the second lane as the road narrowed to 1 lane and when the cop crested on the other side, he u-turned and pulled me over instead of the actual culprit (the van)! Said I was going 15 MPH over the limit, but I was actually only going 2-3 MPH over the 30 MPH! Totally ridiculous. If their speed detection equipment is that poorly calibrated or inaccurate or if it is a training issue they need to address with their officers, I am not sure, but they need to do something to correct this ASAP! I would suggest driving about 15-20 MPH in that area to allow enough cushion for the inaccurate readings. I also plan on informing the chamber of commerce there about this. We were spending nearly $3,000/month on goods and services in that town and because of their error, they got $100, but lost $36,000/year for their businesses. Does that make any economic sense? We are now taking our business to a more responsible town, Frisco.

main Street

The Colony, TexasMay 10, 20050 Comments

Night time:

Ok this is for people heading down main to and from little elm through the colony…
heading to 121:

Ok first watch out for the cop that occasional sits on the shoulder just before the speed changes from 55 to 45 he is invisible till it is too late…Then accross from him at an abondoned building adjacent to an antique car lot on the left side of the road, is a guy who sits there waiting for people to speed and catch them heading to little elm around the curve(you cant spot him till its too late too…No lights on just like the rest of his buddies)

Now keep in mind about 1 mile before the 45 zone there is an intersection- Watch out. THe posted intersections speed is 40!
There is a cop who hides in the dark parking lot of trinity medical center and waits as you come down the grade so he can nab you…He will give you a short lecture on coyetes and animals and how dangerous it is to drive fast
This cop was half a mile back when I say him turn on his lights so I know he was sitting in a tough spot hiding in the medical center parking lot.

There is another one who will sit just across from him sometimes going the otherway toward little elm…
They sit there with all their lights off…And play the waiting game.
In the mornings heading to little elm you will see about the same locations except when you come around the curve into the 55 zone…there is a cop who sits in on the right side there and is waiting for you to pass someone at 70 as the lane goes from 4 lane to 2 lane so you try to pass in the left lane only to find mr sneaky cop hiding at the top of the hill…

Windhaven Road near Plano Parkway

The Colony, TexasSep 13, 20040 Comments

As you go over the hill on Windhaven to Plano Parkway, at the bottom of the hill just before you get to the turn, there is a police car there waiting for people to speed. The hill there tends to naturally cause cars to accelerate as they come down. Watch your speed as the car isn’t easily seen until it’s too late.

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