Tom Bean, Texas Speed Traps

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State Highway 11 near FM 2729

Tom Bean, TexasApr 28, 20060 Comments

When coming into Tom Bean the speed limit is 65 mph. Then it drops to 50 mph and when you get to the 50 mph zone you better slow down or they are going to get you. I have lived in this area for 30 years and the only town I ever get stopped in is Tom Bean. The officers dont play around.

State Highway 11 near FM 2729

Tom Bean, TexasFeb 20, 20040 Comments

This town is about to bankrupt it really does depend on its officers writing tickets. They are driving Orange and Black police cars they look like they belong in a circus. They hide behind buildings to catch people driving to fast. They had an officer wreck one of thier patrol cars in another town. The officer was found to have been driving in excess of the speed limit. Now they are having to write extra tickets to replace that car they wrecked. becarefull in Tombean.

Hwy 69

Tom Bean, TexasNov 20, 20030 Comments

This town has had major financial problems to the point where the police department used a bicycle. Now they have fired/hired a new department and are using tickets to fix their financial situation.

Very high enforcement on Hwy 69 going through town. They usually run two police cars all day long from one city limit sign to the other. There are two school zones in this area. I’ve personally observed someone in front of me doing 22mph in a 20mph school zone being pulled over.

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