Universal City, Texas Speed Traps

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500 Byrd Blvd, Universal City, TX

Universal City, TexasMay 23, 20220 Comments

I stopped to buy a coffee at On the Grind off Pat Booker Rd.. While trying to get back to the freeway, the speed on this five lane street drops from 30 to 20 & a police officer was hiding behind a building near some trees. I was going 31 in a 20 and I explained I was not familiar with this area and thought the speed limit was 30 on such a big street. I thought maybe I would just be given a warning since I was not driving like a crazy person. The officer gives me a ticket for $300.00. He then tells me to slow it down because he doesn’t want me involved in an accident! REALLY!!! I was going 30 not 60. I was late to court by 1 minute seriously and was not let in and now I can’t even do a defensive driving course so that way my insurance won’t go higher but now that is not an option because I got a failure to appear added to my ticket. This city is a total scam for people just driving through. I will never ever go to that place again and I encourage people to never go there because of this.

Kitty Hawk and 1604 School Zone (Westbound)

Universal City, TexasNov 07, 20120 Comments

Exiting 1604 onto Kitty Hawk. There is a school zone sign immediately after you merge onto Kitty Hawk. The problem is that the sign is hidden by a tree until you’re actually on Kitty Hawk and then you are immediately forced to merge to the left (and look over your left shoulder). It’s nearly impossible to see the school zone sign in the 2-3 second you have to see it before merging with the traffic on the left. The very first time I went through that area during the school-zone time, I was written up. It infuriates me because I NEVER speed in Texas.

I called the Court and they told me that the same argument to fight this trap had been used before, but had not been successful. “We’re not responsible for the placement of the signs. That’s TxDOT.”

There is another “Trap” listed on this site for the same area, but it’s really just a complaint about getting pulled over for going 6 over. This is the real trap.

Athenian Ave off of Pat Booker

Universal City, TexasApr 11, 20110 Comments

30 mph drops to 20 mph. Local cops targeting Randolph AFB workers and seniors. No warnings given out. Cops very unfriendly.

Kitty Hawk in front of Northeast Lakeview College

Universal City, TexasFeb 23, 20110 Comments

If heading towards 1604 on Kitty Hawk, be careful because there is an elementary school and a college across from one another. The speed limit is 35mph and the school zone is 20mph. It wasent a school zone at the time but the officer said he pulled me over because its around a school. I was going 41 on a 35. I was gaining speed going up hill and immediatly realized I passed the limit. By the time I realized it, the cop did too. C’mon man!!!

Universal City Boulevard near Coronado Boulevard

Universal City, TexasAug 30, 20080 Comments

Universal City Police sit at the intersection of Universal City Boulevard and Coronado Boulevard. They look for any excuse to stop motorists to issue stop sign violations. All stops result in $200 tickets. No discussion. If you frequent the intersections 3-4 times a day you will see at least 2 stops with tickets being written. The city’s budget must need bolstering.

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