Springfield, Vermont Speed Traps

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Downtown (Main St. & Mineral St.)

Springfield, VermontOct 27, 20130 Comments

This is more of a parking trap than a speed trap, but it’s a similar enough issue that drivers visiting the town should be warned about it. The town has very strictly enforced time limits on parking (two hours in the parallel spaces on Main St. and Mineral St., four hours in the angled parking spaces in the Mineral St. parking lot between the State offices and Park St.). If you happen to park just before the parking enforcement officer makes his rounds, you may wind up being ticketed even if you’re only a few minutes over the limit.

To tell if he’s patrolling that day, look for white chalk marks on one of your tires. If he is, you’ll need to go through the silly ritual (that those who work downtown go through most days) of moving your car from one space to another available space. Note: There are generally plenty of empty spaces, thus the parking rules are not protecting a limited supply of parking spaces, only creating an unneeded nuisance and expense.

Interstate 91 between exits 7 and 8

Springfield, VermontMay 18, 20100 Comments

The Vermont State Police has several good hiding spots throughout this area. Coming southbound—one is buried in a grove of trees (you can’t even see them before you get to the actual u-turn). There is also one (further south) that is difficult to see coming south (it’s down a hill and across a long straightaway, and they can see you every step of the way) and impossible to see coming north (view blocked by large rocks).

Be careful through here. I’ve seen as many as two within these two exits (which is pretty nasty because I usually only see one cop, if that, on between the state line and Norwich). But they let me go (and several others) at about 78-ish.

Clinton Street near I-91 Exit 7 to downtown

Springfield, VermontFeb 10, 20080 Comments

Four lane stretch that changes from 40 MPH to 50 MPH, to 35 MPH as you approach town. Local, State, 0r Sheriff Departments may be monitoring this stretch of road from early morning until late at night. Law enforcement may be moving or parked on either side of the road — often in hidden locations. Aggressive enforcement of the speed limits.


Valley Street near Main to Litchfield Street

Springfield, VermontDec 11, 20070 Comments

The posted speed limit from Main St out Valley Street to where you turn left onto Litchfield St is 25 MPH. Police sit in the pulloff just before Litchfield.

Interstate 91 near Exit Number 7

Springfield, VermontSep 24, 20070 Comments

Just south of exit 7 in the middle of the highway, hidden because you’ve just come over the top of the hill and there are trees, sits an unmarked car in the median, just waiting to nab you!

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