Courtland, Virginia Speed Traps

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Bridge on Meharrin Rd

Courtland, VirginiaJul 05, 20130 Comments

Coming from Main st. speed limit is still 35mph until past the bridge. They’ll get you accelerating too quickly.

U.S. Hwy. 58 West of Southampton High School before Capron, VA

Courtland, VirginiaJan 28, 20104 Comments

The infamous Southampton County Sheriff’s office sits on the turning lane on the median (usually facing east) with car running and lights off just waiting. It’s always the same cop and always between 6 AM and 7 AM, M-F. Don’t know about the weekends. MPH is 60…he will pull you at 65. So go 64.5 if you can! He will clock you long before you get to him and if you think he’s got the car in front of you…bam…he’s got you too. Will have 2-4 cars pulled over at once. He gets in front of the cars he wants pulled over and won’t move until they do. Good luck driving through there…he easily makes $5,000 a week just in tickets!

US Highway 58 near State Route 58

Courtland, VirginiaJun 27, 20060 Comments

The cities of Franklin and especially Courtland have been known since the 60’s as especially sneaky about speed traps. 57 in a 55 zone can get you a ticket that will mysteriously read 66 in a 55. If you contest the ticket, the cop won’t show up, and the judge will continue the case until it’s ‘convienient’ for the cop to show up. Most people just pay. If you can avoid spending any money in this area of route 58, you are better off doing so. If you can avoid being in this area, you are better off doing so.

Highway 58 East or West

Courtland, VirginiaAug 01, 20010 Comments

Police like to hide in the trees and at the bottom of hills. They tend to sneak up on you at night with headlights off and then BAM…..lights are on and you are footing a $200 ticket. It is a 4 lane divided highway and the speed limit is only 55mph. I don’t understand why it is only 55 but it has been that way the whole time I lived in VA…Sep97-Dec00

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