Front Royal, Virginia Speed Traps

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Median of Interstate I-66, Front Royal, Warren County, VA

Front Royal, VirginiaSep 01, 20160 Comments

A motorcyclist had been issued a MISDEMEANOR Summons for “reckless driving by speed”. Trooper Scally, a Virginia State Policeman, falsely testified that he recorded the bike traveling at a speed of 100 MPH in 70 MPH zone. Sometimes these issues are a matter of the driver’s word vs. the officer’s word, however, in this case, it became the officer’s word vs. the evidence from his own dash cam video.
As can be seen on the uploaded videos, the motorcycle proceeded Eastbound on par with other traffic well below the posted speed limit of 70 MPH. Please notice that the cruiser never left the highway’s shoulder during such a “high-speed pursuit”…

Moreover, the police cruiser had been positioned at a very steep angle of ~40 degrees to the main direction of the traffic – thus rendering radar totally dysfunctional due to excessive cuisine effect. Please have your own dash camera operational and record your interactions with the police in order to have favorable evidence in case you are confronted by corrupted cops in Warren county. Your comments are welcome!

You can find additional information about this unwarranted traffic arrest here: ]

Link to the police In-Car video:


Links to time-stamped traffic stop analysis:

State 522/340 Northbound

Front Royal, VirginiaApr 21, 20110 Comments

Right where 522 North (Commerce Ave) joins 340 North (N Royal Ave), the speed limit is 25 mph. The uphill grade makes it impossible to see the police cruiser sitting at the crest of the hill.

us Bus 340 south of town

Front Royal, VirginiaNov 04, 20100 Comments

Troopers hide out right at the 7-11 or just south of town around the cave entrance. Target out of town drivers, and others….

Crossing bridge southbound on Hwy 301 into Front Royal.

Front Royal, VirginiaJul 07, 20102 Comments

When traveling south on Hwy 301 and just prior to the bridge into Front Royal the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 45 mph then to 25 mph in Front Royal. Officer is almost always parked on right side of road just past Busters restaurant.

Duck Street

Front Royal, VirginiaMar 31, 20100 Comments

A town cop will sit along duck street among the parked cars to get speeders. The speed limit is 25mph but they usually go 35 or more. Also they sit at the entrance to vdot and in the grassy area as you turn onto Forest Hill Dr where you can’t see them until your up on them.

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