King George, Virginia Speed Traps

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Dahlgren Rd (Rt 206) crossing 301 towards State Rt 3

King George, VirginiaJul 10, 20150 Comments

As you cross over 301 towards King George on Dahlgren Road, you’ll go up a hill that is 45mph. At the top of the blind hill, the speed limit changes to 40 (it used to go up to 50).

As you keep going, the road looks wide and safe, but near the area with the turnoffs, there is sometimes a county police car there, especially at night. This is heavily patrolled because there used to be frequent accidents due to so many people having to turn off in a few different directions.

Route 3 Close to Stafford County Line

King George, VirginiaJan 29, 20150 Comments

As you go route 3W, and you pass Sealston Elementary and then have a series of small hills, there is one very large hill that curves to the right. You’ll probably see people braking down the hill. Literally 1/3 of the time there is a state trooper hiding there, right around the corner, and you can’t see them until it’s too late. Generally VA troopers are fairly understanding and won’t pull you over for going just over the limit especially when it’s down a hill, but I wouldn’t push it.

301, 206 and 218

King George, VirginiaJan 06, 20110 Comments

One thing to NOTE is that many of the Deputies will absolutely lie when they get to court to testify. DO NOT COUNT ON HONESTY. If you think the ticket is questionable get a real lawyer. The judge does not like lawyer-wanna-b’s. And he always believes the officer. And the assistant Commonwealth Attorney hates people and will go for blood in all cases. No compromise.

State Highway Route 3 near Port Conway Road

King George, VirginiaJan 31, 20080 Comments

In between Rokeby Lane and Port Conway Road on Route 3 there is a little hill. If you are traveling West, the hill is shaped so that cops cannot be seen until you pop over the hill. Once you see them, you have no chance to slow down. They get a LOT of people by doing this. They do it at night too so that they cannot be seen. Going East, you can see them perfectly fine, it’s just going West toward Fredericksburg. This has been a speed trap for probably close to 10 years.

State Route 3 near State Route 603

King George, VirginiaDec 10, 20070 Comments

This is a school zone from about 8:00 am to 9:00am the speed drops from 55 to 35. The school is not on Rt 3 and can’t be seen from Rt 3. A county guy is there 3 out of 5 days and stops everything. He has not got me, but has someone stopped every time I go past.

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