Manassas, Virginia Speed Traps

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Sudley Road South driving toward Manassas before Rt. 29

Manassas, VirginiaNov 02, 20180 Comments

The speed limit on this road is 50 mph but changes several times before it reduces to 35 mph. Approximately 50-100 yards after the speed limit reduction, Prince William County Police are parked to the left in a gravel area facing North waiting to pull drivers over. This is also an extremely dangerous area to be pulled over and drivers are forced into grass or a ditch a few inches away from traffic speeding past. Please be careful.

Lomond Drive between Damascus and Clifton

Manassas, VirginiaAug 02, 20120 Comments

Police sit on Clifton or on Lomond and radar you as you round the curve. Watch your speed. Limit is 25 and stick to it; police will pull you over for >30 MPH and will exaggerate the ticket up to the next threshold.

234 south before Independent Drive

Manassas, VirginiaApr 08, 20120 Comments

A very sleazy Prince William cop tailed me on my blind spot while I did the exact speed limit. Just we approached the Independent Hill Drive intersection, the light went from green to red with orange lasting about 1 second. At my distance from the light I had to stand on the brakes to keep from running through it. He then rode my bumper for about a half mile until we passed by a Virginia State trooper speed trap on the side of the rode, after which mister sleaze exited the highway. I believe the cop controlled the light change-over to try to entrap me on a red light moving violation.

VA-234 and Clover Hill Rd

Manassas, VirginiaMar 04, 20120 Comments

I travel up this way a few times a week and frequently see a Prince William County cop in the North bound right turn lane (turn lane to go towards Manassas). He is almost always patrolling northbound traffic but I wouldn’t put it past them to patrol southbound as well.

Purcell Road

Manassas, VirginiaMar 03, 20120 Comments

A few hundred yards after the only stop sign going towards 234 on Purcell road, you’ll see a motorcycle cop hidden on the right side of a neighborhood entrance waiting for speeders to pass by.

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