Reston, Virginia Speed Traps

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Sunrise Valley & Indian Ridge

Reston, VirginiaOct 24, 20110 Comments

Bike cop with radar as of 10:20 a.m. There are trees where he’s ghas his bike, so he’s pretty well hidden. As a rule of thumb I always do the speed limit on this strip of road because this is a favorite spot for cops to put a speed trap

North Shore Drive, just past Lake Anne Elementary School.

Reston, VirginiaNov 05, 20100 Comments

This is a stretch of back road where very rarely have I seen people observing the posted 25 mph limit. In my case, there wasn’t even anyone else on the road. I’ve driven this road for several years and have only seen police activity on it within the past two or three months. Not sure why.

Toll-road going to the airport, laser checking RIGHT lane

Reston, VirginiaAug 06, 20100 Comments

Cop sitting in emergency stop area with laser-gun, checking cars in the RIGHT lane. This is if I remember right before Exit 9 or 10. They have put up a speed-check display that shows your current speed approximately 2-3 miles before the cop sits there. I think that is fair game. Particular since I had a "lady" cut me off, driving 55 mph in the right hand lane (she had 3 other lanes to drive in) just because she felt speeding int eh slow lane.

Sunrise Valley Drive and Lakeport Way

Reston, VirginiaMay 25, 20100 Comments

Eastbound traffic is shot coming downhill from Whiele Ave.
LEO’s station themselves uphill in Lakeport way right before the South Lakes intersection.
Usually motorcycle officers with bikes well hidden from road.

267 Main Toll Plaza & 495!

Reston, VirginiaApr 29, 20100 Comments

Yes, it did happen. Reckless going through the FAST TOLL Lane! State Trooper pulled me over and had the ticket written before he got to my window. He told me to watch out for the safety of the toll booth operators…however the left toll lanes are un-manned. The posted speed limit at that Toll Booth is 35…so you have to slam on breaks going from 55 to 35 to be "legal"…

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