Warrenton, Virginia Speed Traps

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Rt 17 North of the 17 Spur

Warrenton, VirginiaJan 06, 20101 Comments

On Rt. 17 approximately three miles north of the spur there is a cross-over (i.e. not an intersection, but not ‘authorized vehicles only’ either), where they hide in the median. They are usually aimed at the north-bound traffic because a slight rise in the road makes it impossible to see them until it’s too late. They don’t target southbound traffic because you can see them a long way off if you know to look.

US Highway 29 near State Route 605

Warrenton, VirginiaNov 29, 20070 Comments

The trap in on US 29 southbound just as you enter the 45mph speed zone in Warrenton. The flow of traffic in the 55 zone is 65mph and the police sit in the median just over a hill right past the 45mph sign. A ticket for 20mph over in Virginia is automatic reckless driving.

Bear Wallow Road near State Highway Rt. 29 Business

Warrenton, VirginiaOct 10, 20070 Comments

When entering the town of Warrenton headed east on Bear Wallow Road, city cops patrol this area very heavily and at all times of day. When you enter the town limits, at the intersection of Timber Fence parkway, the speed limit drops to 25 MPH. The road bears slightly left and the police either sit on the westbound shoulder or further up in the bank parking lot on the leFort They also revers this, and patrol westbound traffic staked out just east of Timber Fence parkway.

US Highway 29 near Exit Number Meetze Rd.

Warrenton, VirginiaAug 10, 20070 Comments

State and local police often wait in the median about 50 yards beyond the Meetze Rd. on/off ramps. There is a slight rise that obscures this position for traffic coming North on Rt. 29. Typically, one or two units will be located in the median turn-around scanning the North or South bound lanes of US Rt. 29. This is especially common on weekend mornings when U.S. 29 traffic is heavy.

US Highway 17 North near A few miles off the 29 bypass

Warrenton, VirginiaMay 27, 20070 Comments

State and county cops sit off on the left side hidden and will sometimes follow you for a few miles to see if you speed any faster.

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