Anacortes, Washington Speed Traps

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State Route 20 near State Route 20

Anacortes, WashingtonApr 08, 20060 Comments

Local police sit at the rest area pull out on the curve beyond where HWY 20 turns to go to Oak Harbor. As you are in the curve, the cop is sitting right there with radar gun in hand – by the time you see him, it is too late to slow down.

State Route 20 near West of Berentson Bridge by the Swinomish Northern Lights Casino.

Anacortes, WashingtonApr 08, 20062 Comments

State Patrol waits on the north side on Hwy 20 (sometimes in the bushes) just beyond the bridge that goes over the slough. Summer weekends are the worst time to speed – nonstop ticketing is the norm. My Advice Is Don’t Speed! Obey the 55 MPH posted speed limit or you are asking for a ticket! Often times there are 2 or 3 State Patrol cars picking off the speeders and giving them a "Welcome to Anacortes" ticket. We own a business that overlooks the area referred to and we can watch the State Patrol busy at work making sure that we are safe!

State Route 20

Anacortes, WashingtonJun 19, 20050 Comments

Sometimes it’s an Anacortes cop, sometimes it’s a Washington State Patrol, sometimes it’s a Skagit County officer. They all sit right at the stereotypical location of right under the "Welcome to Anacortes" sign and will nab you for anything over about 60 MPH. Speed limit is 55 MPH.

D Avenue near Big Hill

Anacortes, WashingtonJun 19, 20050 Comments

This trap is a new one that the Anacortes police have been using. Traveling north on D Ave. you will come to the crest of a hill that is quite large. Going down the hill it’s easy to speed and usually at the bottom of this hill is an Anacortes officer sitting in the bushes waiting for you.

Heading the other direction it is much easier to see the officer. Speed limit is 30 MPH.

State Route 20 near Mile Marker 52-53 Westbound

Anacortes, WashingtonApr 11, 20050 Comments

The westbound stretch of SR 20 between mileposts 53 and 52, just before the bridge over the Twin Bridges Marina and the Swinomish Indian Reservation. This area is patrolled by WSP aircraFort They time you between the mileposts, then WSP cars wait on other side of bridge to pull you over. Good news is these tickets are easy to beat. Bad news is it takes up a lot of your time.

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