Carnation, Washington Speed Traps

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Tolt Hill Rd, both directions, midway down hill

Carnation, WashingtonMay 15, 20120 Comments

The speed limit on Tolt Hill Rd, is 35mph. The Speedlimit is UNLAWFUL Goes goes back to 1968,. King County did a Engineering Survey last in 2003, and the study showed it shld be at least 45mph. They failed to change the signs nor repeat the study per Fed and State law, in 2008 and 2009 (last due when bridge was replaced). Fight any Spd Ticket you get here. See RCW and FHWD "Traffic Control Devices Engineering Handbook". KC Rds Dept. has promised for months to repeat study but have not done so. Also, this is a MINOR ARTERIAL rd, (most of the traffic DOES NOT LIVE IN THE VICINITY). Spd Limit for "Distributor /Collector rds are lower by 5mph.

Highway 203 at the south entrance to Carnation

Carnation, WashingtonFeb 21, 20111 Comments

There is often a police car on the west side of hwy 203 just north of the Tolt River Bridge as you enter Carnation from the south. There is a little league ball field on the left (west) with two driveways. The cruiser sits in one of the driveways. This is also the begining of a school zone. Speed limits in Carnation are strictly enforced!

Fay Road near State Highway 203

Carnation, WashingtonJun 08, 20040 Comments

Every couple of weeks I will see a King County Sheriff motorcycle waiting on the south side of the Fay Road in a driveway just before going steeply downhill towards SR-203. I am guessing this is a good spot for them to nab early-morning commuters who live in the Lake Marcel community and just aren’t paying attention to their speed as they go downhill towards 203. Posted speed limit is 25 but I have found myself and others going 40+ easily. Please take this slow for your sake and the animals and children in this area.

Near Duvall on Highway 203

Carnation, WashingtonNov 16, 20030 Comments

The King County Sherrif is responsible for all the tickets out in this neck of the woods. They contract with the Duvall Police Department which is weak by the way. They have teams set up and will nail people by the groves around 3:30 when the school kids get left out. There is a blinking light heading eastbound that is hard to see. I was ticket going 30 in a 20 (school zone) for a 189 fine. Please people slow down and avoid this road at all costs. Everyone I’ve talked to has had problems with this stretch of road. The King County Officers are out to take our money at the expense of subtle traffic violations in many cases.

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