Edgewood, Washington Speed Traps

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24th between Meridian and 122nd.

Edgewood, WashingtonJan 02, 20200 Comments

The speed limit used to be 35 miles per hour, then in 2019 it was lowered to 25 miles per hour and a camera was added for the school(20 miles per hour) at the top of the next hill. Most people who turn on to 24th from Meridian going east don’t know the speed limit is now 25 and with the steep down hill grade can easily go over the limit. The ticket car is sitting near the bottom of the hill.

All along SR161/Meridian

Edgewood, WashingtonSep 05, 20170 Comments

Edgewood cops will hide all down Meridian on both ends & the middle. Coming up from Puyallup, some hide in the gravel behind the gas station. In the middle, they hide behind the church sign in the preschool parking lot, and also in the strip mall parking lot in close proximity to the windmill/old liquor&smokes store. As for the Milton end, they camp on the very hidden side street that is in front of Les Schwab. And by 76 & 7/11, in the Walgreens parking lot they camp on the inside of the gate and catch people speeding through yellow & red lights. I’ve gotten 5 tickets and all 5 have been in Edgewood.

Various along Chrisella and the RR tracks down the hill.

Edgewood, WashingtonMar 13, 20100 Comments

The speed limit is 25MPH and many folks run between 30 and 40. It has been a money maker for the city of Edgewood for over a decade.

All Along 122nd

Edgewood, WashingtonMar 13, 20100 Comments

The speed limit is 35MPH and RADAR is used extensively along this route. It is a straight, country road and it’s easy to go much faster than the limit. Be careful, another moneymaker for Edgewood.

Intersection of 114th Ave and 8th ST. Near school

Edgewood, WashingtonMar 13, 20100 Comments

I have seen police, even on a motorscooter using RADAR at this intersection. It’s easy to hide there, especially at night. The speed limit while the yellow warning lights are flashing, is 20MPH; 35 the rest of the time.

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