Pasco, Washington Speed Traps

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Pasco, WashingtonJun 10, 20190 Comments

As you go east out of Pasco (past the 4th Ave. onramp and the rail yard), I’ve seen a police car on the eastbound exit lane quite often. I once counted 1:7 odds. Keep the speed down until between Lewis and the Snake, just in case. I’ve rarely seen police closer to Burbank, and there was only one time I’ve seen them waiting between Burbank and Wallula (and that was 10 years ago).

Saint Thomas Drive and Road 100

Pasco, WashingtonApr 26, 20100 Comments

When heading South on Road 100, just after the over pass and before the Shell Station, turn left on Saint Thomas Drive between the Church school and Rd 100. Bam, a 25 MPH limit and the Pasco Police is setting over at the side of Shell Station with his radar.

Rd 76 Behind Walmart

Pasco, WashingtonApr 26, 20100 Comments

The stretch between Burden and Sandfir Pk Way is 25 MPH. A Pasco Cop hides between the cars parked at the side of the road shooting with their radar.

North end of the Cable bridge

Pasco, WashingtonApr 02, 20101 Comments

Be careful coming across the cable bridge into Pasco.

395 & 182 (Kennewick Exit)

Pasco, WashingtonMar 04, 20090 Comments

Heading south from Spokane. On the last one mile before the Kennewick exit at 182. Poorly marked 60 mph after 100 miles of 70 MPH car speed signs prior… then you approch the last one mile. Cops pulling over anyone going 70 flowing with traffic and while I was pulled over there were 3 more cops pulling over 3 more so called speeders for a total of 4 cops withing 300-400 yards all within 5 minutes. I wonder how there one days totals looked in that area. Looks like gold nuggets to me. What an injustice to safe cautious drivers. The only danger I saw was the cops pulling people over. $113 dollars for a 70 mph in a not so clearly" marked 60 zone? Why not just take your wallet. A gold mine for them and on the 30th of the month?. Is that anyway to draw a salary. This is not policeing it’s fleecing. This is really bad. So remember Hwy. 395 and Pasco Area. Thanks"

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