Ritzville, Washington Speed Traps

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10 miles East to 10 miles West of city center

Ritzville, WashingtonMar 30, 20170 Comments

Use caution while traveling through “revenue Ritzville” on I-90. WSP there is famous for it’s predatory police practices. They use median U-turn for emergency vehicle locations to pluck their prey. My wife has had two speeding tickets in the last 25 years, both in Ritzville. And we live 87 miles away, rarely passing through. This kind of “law enforcement” gives legitimate cops a bad name. Highway robbery.

I-90 Milepost 208

Ritzville, WashingtonApr 16, 20140 Comments

Ritzville cops are no longer content pulling over unsuspecting drivers that are going a mile or two over the speed limit on I-90. They’ve found a more lucrative way to line their pocketbooks. They are now pulling over cars that drive past the unfortunate folks that are getting a ticket. If you do not completely change lanes when you pass them (even if the lane is full of faster moving traffic) they will pull you over and issue a “failure to yield to a stationary emergency vehicle” ticket (statute 46.61.212). This is considered a “moving violation” and carries a $191 fine. There is no defense… it is the officers word against the motorists word.

I-90 westbound bet mile marker 215 and 214.5

Ritzville, WashingtonJun 05, 20120 Comments

See above. Construction zone.

Between mileposts 199 and 221 on I90

Ritzville, WashingtonMay 04, 20110 Comments

I have driven roundtrip between these mile markers for almost 4 yrs and very rarely do I NOT see a cop. They usually have 2 cops out and sometimes the plane when the weather gets nice. There are lots of hiding places as previously mentioned. I would never speed here at all.

20 miles E and W on I-90

Ritzville, WashingtonApr 17, 20100 Comments

The “Lind Speedtrap” is well known by those who travel I-90 from Spokane to points west of there. A WSP detachment is stationed out of Ritzville and loves to hide on the Lind, WA onramps and offramps. I was traveling SB to get onto I-90 EB to Ritzville/Spokane and came across 2 WSP patrol units, hunkered down and out of site from the Interstate – always wondered where they “hid” and just stumbled upon them by accident. I waved, knowing now where they hid – one trooper didn’t look too happy, but he couldn’t nail me for just waving. They must be the “spotters” and the “chase unit” is somewhere down the highway, or at the onramp EB to I-90. Do not go over 5MPH of the speed limit and stay in the right lane if at all possible. Once you get past that 20 mile corridor, you’re fairly safe, although I have spotted a Spokane County Sheriff’s unit & WSP while crossing the county line into Spokane County from Adams County, also another trap.

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