Roy, Washington Speed Traps

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Before the right curve that heads towards McKenna Hwy (507)

Roy, WashingtonDec 21, 20140 Comments

Latitude: 47.004707 Longitude: -122.542451
2 lane road that heads towards Spanaway McKenna HWY (507). there is a right curve before reaching the hwy, Police Officers are stationary on the side, location of stationary police officers obstructed by nearby trees and restaurants. restaurant called “The Tavern” is co- located in the area. Police officers in this area are using this site to detect speed and issue traffic tickets. Radars, speedometers, and other instruments have given off false or inaccurate readings from this location.

Roy, City of

Roy, WashingtonMay 17, 20102 Comments

East bound, you have a 40 mph zone that has two side streets that are well hidden. Cops sit on these with radar. At the end of the 40 mph is the 30mph that goes all the way thru town. DO NOT SPEED!! This turns into a short 35 mph and goes to a 45mph the rest of the way out of town and about 400 feet past the R/R crossing. The town cops are out at all times of the day or night. Including very early AM..

State Route 507 near City Limits

Roy, WashingtonNov 05, 20071 Comments

Complete city of Roy. (pop 900). various speed limits, radar on adjacent streets, can pick up speeds on hwy 507. I have not sped in city. I run a mile or two Under the limit.

State Highway 507

Roy, WashingtonAug 31, 20042 Comments

At Roy, WA the two lane highway 507 goes from 55 MPH to 30MPH at the city limits. There is only 1 UN-lit speed-limit sign at both ends of town and a Radar Cop focusing his radar on the signs from a quarter mile away. These posted signs are almost impossible to see at night, and they ticket everybody. Rumors have it that a warning was given once in the summer of 1968. A total revenue generating organism. Don’t think the Judge will give you any slack either should you decide to fight it. They need the money.

Hwy 507

Roy, WashingtonJun 28, 20020 Comments

Roy is well known to all locals as a speed trap. They have their own court house and pass out tickets left and right. I call their Police department the "Roy Revenue Department". It is to the point of being ridiculous!
I commute at varying times of the day and am hit by police radar 90% of the time I travel through Roy. Their favorite place is the south side of town just as you enter the city limits just past the curve by miles sand and gravel.

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