Capon Bridge, West Virginia Speed Traps

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Small town in valley.

Capon Bridge, West VirginiaOct 11, 20210 Comments

One police officer in Capon Bridge on Route 50. Obey the speed limit through the whole town. It’s about 30 minutes away from Romney. Usually no traffic through there, so very easy to get a ticket.

Throughout Capon Bridge Town Limits

Capon Bridge, West VirginiaAug 06, 20130 Comments

Our little town has again become a speed trap with the recent hiring of a new police officer. Route 50, coming across the Virginia line, or from the west side (from Romney/Augusta), and all side roads entering the town have favorite hiding spots for this new police officer. In many cases he parks on private property, but the owners are afraid of retribution if they tell him that he can’t park on their property. Many of us who live just outside the town limits are boycotting all businesses in Capon Bridge until the Mayor/Town Council react to the complaints by the town’s business owners and citizens. I don’t know the extent, but there are many construction workers and other contractors working in the area who no longer go into Capon Bridge for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or gasoline. If you pass through Capon Bridge, be prepared to be pulled over for everything from a dead headlight, cracked taillight lens, pit/crack in your windshield, burned out license plate bulb, etc. Drive below all speed limits — especially the orange caution signs — which only suggestions, and not the posted limits. We know several people who have been ticketed for exceeding the recommended speed coming into town, from both the east and the west. Because of the hassle of going to court they have all chosen to just send a $110 check to the town for going as little as 3 MPH over caution sign limits, which are below the black/white posted speeding signs.

Capon bridge we

Capon Bridge, West VirginiaJun 02, 20130 Comments

At the dollar store, the local police will use radar when you are in a 55 mph zone and then give you a ticket in the 35 mph zone. The capon bridge municipal sign is on the bridge about a half to three quarters of a mile further east. Therefore the officer is actually out of the town incorporated limits

West side of Capon Bridge, West Virginia

Capon Bridge, West VirginiaMay 20, 20130 Comments

There is a stationary speed camera or radar at the west end of the Capon Bridge bridge. I’ve seen the police work this two ways. Either they sit in their parked car just west of the bridge in the church parking lot and monitor your speed just as you get off of the bridge driving west. Or they will wait near the Dollar General for you driving east along Rt 50 coming down the hill. They will let you pass them and then they’ll pull in behind you to follow. At the bend they will fall back to give you a false sense of ease and then speed up on you as you approach the bridge speed camera/radar.

Cacapon River Rd & Miller Ln

Capon Bridge, West VirginiaSep 20, 20090 Comments

Capon Bridge local pd likes to patrol rt 50 east and west. They use x band radar so it is somewhat easy to pick them up w/ a good piece of equipment. I had one follow me for over a mile a while back. Watch especially in the early afternoon.

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